[MOD] Fortify v0.6 [A24/Beta] (sadly deprecated)


Read first:
Unfortunately I have to announce what most of you already thought:
Due to some drastic changes in my life I had to cut the whole modding thing unprompted. So sadly this mod didn’t had any updates in the past year(s) and won’t get any updates in the future. At least by me.
I recently stumbled upon an old folder with the name “Dev_Stonehearth_mods” and I’m willing to share the “code” and notes I made for this (and other) mods with you.
Your feedback on this mod made me think, that it does not deserve to age unnoticed in an old post.
So if you are willing to continue what I started long ago or you are just curious which other mod I started but nevre released, send a message or leave a post.
Thank you for your support and your feedback.
It was a pleasure.

Scincerely yours,

This Mod is basically like most other “I-was-missing-some-Items-in-Vanilla-Mods”. The focus (for now!) is mainly on a fortification theme, but actually I got a carried away a bit. The mod wasn’t intended to be public, but I like what I did and thought that some of you might also enjoy it.
I just started learning the whole coding/moddeling/animating-thing so the mod was Work In Progress before it was suspended.

I left the old versions online. If you consider to start modding on your own, feel free to roam through the different versions. It might gives you an insight to a progressing modding procress. You can ask when something is unclear, but I highly recommend the official guide. Feel free to use the Items in shared building-templates, only inform me, so I can keep track of it :slight_smile:


Known Bugs

  • Clicking the “workshop” button on the scholar workshop opens the herbalist workshop
    – Will be fixed in next version. But already fixed in SteamWorkshop

Finally: Stay up-to-date with the SteamWorkshop Version!

Fortify v0.6.1
Fortify v0.6
Fortify v0.5
Fortify v0.4
Fortify v0.3
Fortify v0.2
Fortify v0.1 - Removed due to uploading issues

Supported Translations:
DaLaBo’s Traditional Chinese Translation


  • A lot of fixes corresponding to name strings
  • fixed recipes not shown in workshops


  • Isn’t it boring to tell you exactly what changed?
  • Some changes can be found in the Preview above, but not everything to keep it exciting.


  • Hatches added
  • added paper / books
  • added Bookcases (normal and weird one)
  • totally reworked drawgate / portcullis aniomations to a final version
  • corrected collision
  • Improved support for Language-Mods (specially for @dalabo)


  • added mystical Armor
  • added special drops to entlings and stonelings
  • added refined resources
  • added some ornate Items
  • added stone Drawgate
  • reworked “Cids Sword Monument”
  • replaced old doorframes (the previous ones based on the vanilla double Door)
  • fixed the offset of the portcullises
  • a lot of minor improvements


  • (finally) added the drawbridge
  • overall polished up the code


  • added Bridge
  • fixed names not showing properly
  • renamed “Drawgate”/“Stone Drawgate” to “[…] Portcullis”


  • release

What’s next?

  • Building Templates
  • As always, your suggestions are welcome.



Looking good!
Have you used SHED? It can help with naming items. It is an editor shipped with the game now, search in its folder.
Or maybe get a few bits from here and you will figure it out: Localization


That looks bloody good! Well done!

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I tried SHED, but the result was the same. If you paste the items with the item stamper, the names and descriptions work properly.
Another look in the guide won’t hurt, I guess :slight_smile:

Great stuff. I built myself some castle templates years ago and have always had a gaping hole in the gatehouse. Your portcullis gates look like the answer :smiley:

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You can’t craft them, but there are specialty door traders that come around late in the game who sell portcullises. It would be neat if a level 5-6 Engineer could craft them since they can also make the lockable iron doors, and they can’t make a whole lot right now.

Good point. Making a Mod with an engineer recipe for the bronze portcullis wouldn’t be that hard. But I think the posibillity to craft the portcullises might come in one day, therefore I rather handeled them as semi-released content and left them untouched.

But maybe you can fill the gap with this mod, like @TobiasSabathius :wink:


My comment was actually meant as a reply to @TobiasSabathius but for some reason it didn’t show up as a reply. I must’ve clicked the wrong Reply button. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: weird, when I edit this and my previous comment, they show that the comment is a reply to a particular user’s comment, but they don’t show that in the main render of the page like the above comment by @JohnnyTendo in reponse to @BrunoSupremo.

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The problem with the names is solved. I just messed up the aliases in the recipes :grimacing:
I probably wouldn’t have found out if you hadn’t pointed to the Guide and I took another look at the recipes in detail. Thank you!

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Psst…I want to brag a bit with what’s coming in a future release…



Is that stone armour :o?

i thinks its more like the corpse of a golem…
btw, love that bridge

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Oh shit that’s awesome, forgot aboutbthose

@No_Name is right. The working title is “Stonegolem_Armor” :wink:


Did you know he brought a friend?


These are excellent.
You have created wonders that look like they have always been part of Stonehearth.
Perfect design congrats

that right one on second thought actually looks like it could be a prety decent race all on its own…

That’s actually a great idea. At the moment this would exceed my lua skills…but maybe some day… :thinking:

Thank you very much! Getting such a feedback is the best motivation to do more like this (:

You don’t need lua for a custom race. Just Json’s and. Qb really