Moving Drawbridge Implementation Chance

Is there any chance of moving drawbridges being implemented???



A lot of us are hoping that the engineer will, in time lets us craft draw bridges, gates and other neat stuff, but I don’t think much of anything has been confirmed. I think a big part of it depends on whether the mechanics can be worked into the game engine.

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Small gates are already a part of the game, so I guess the mechanics of “open for hearthlings but not for enemies” and “this thing opens exactly when a hearthling is at this point in the path it is taking” are already in the game…

I should have said portcullis instead of gates. I know there are (were?) mods that let you add them, but I were not a default part of the game. That’s something I hope will change.

And yes, that was me trying to use the shrug emoji that the text editor mangled and I was too lazy to bother fixing.