We want .... bascule bridge ;-) hehehe

can we get a bascule bridge to our castles ??


i think that it sholud be cool to do this with a mod, working like a door but with horizontal axis roation!
But we need to set a collider to the door if we don’t want our hearthling fall down when crossing this Bascule bridge

great ide … can you make that ??

i don’t make mods sorry :confused:

this will be really great!

wanted to add something like this to the game but unfortunately i haven’t the experience to make animated models :confused:

Instead of making the whole bridge as a single (I assume you mean) craftable object I would suggest making it so you craft hinges and then make the bridge sort of like as a separate building that is connected to the hinge. Harder to implement yes, but it would give the player more freedom with size and shape when designing it and the same technique could be used for big doors and other fun stuff that the player might come up with.

mhh probably something like this doesn’t work at all :confused: i’m not a pro but something like that seems really difficult to realize.

i know another post where they are talking about chimneys and auto height detection but without a solution.

it’s difficult for the animations that triggers only when a Hearthling is nearby. Also the upper parts of door for example doesn’t will work

Difficult to realize yes. I don’t know if it’s possible to make as a mod and even if it is it would probably require ugly solutions. I do however think that bascule bridges and big doors are important enough for the developers to add “real” support for it.

The animation probably shouldn’t be triggered by the presence of a hearthling. At least not if it’s a big bridge. It should be player controlled and/or have an auto mode where it closes at night and when enemies are attacking, or something like that.

What about the upper parts of a door won’t work?

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Yes, to make it close or open when the player wants it’s really easy. Take a look at the Engineer door that only opens when the player says you can pass :smiley:

yes, when you have different models put together it’s not so easy to make them start at the same time. Hope i understood it right xD

One potentially ugly/hacky way to do it: make your bridge’s hitbox a simple flat rectangle for the “down” position, with a collider so that hearthlings (and everything else) can path over it. In the “up” position, have it register as a locked door; so the collider doesn’t change but all the entities think of it as a locked door for the purposes of pathfinding. You can then simply have an open/down and closed/up animation state.