Calpestable Structures

This is more a general question about creating new models for the game. I tried to understand if its possible to create craftable structures like bridges then, after, placed in the world, can be used from the Hearthlings as calpestable Model like streets.

So what your saying is "Craft (Item) and have (Item) be interactable? In this case a bridge, that they could walk on. Hmm. I believe some Modders cracked that a while ago (A15-17) but I am not sure of specific mods. A good one to look at is @Spiro 's Door Mod

Sprio’s Door Mod

He has your basic idea Down, craft a door, have said door interact, it might not be a bridge, like you are asking, but the general Idea is there.

My best guess would to frankenstein (Snip and Copy) the code to the bridge you are asking for, and see if it works. I have tried this before. They would just walk over it if they could, but designated as a specific interactable is beyond me. Sorry if I couldn’t help you.

Do you mean that they want to walk over the bridge @pingu? They are surely eager to walk on the beds, so i guess they would be just as happy walking over a crafted bridge? But if you want to make the bridge have the roadabilities, i guess its a coder that needs to dig into some code :merry:

Yes i noticed that the Hearthlings loves to walk on everything :joy:

Nah, its only important that the Hearthlings can use the tiles to walk from point A to B. The road abilities are not necessary

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Yes, as long as they can reach something, they can walk on it (including roofs and anything else! LOL ).

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