Rather than having to build around hearthling paths, can we have a no pathing paint?

I built a beautiful little river and the hearthlings would rather walk through the water than use the cute bridge I made, and if I made that water 2 blocks deep (would require mining before building which is difficult) they would still walk on the “railing” of the bridge over the middle.

It would be nice to have a way to “paint” in buildings to prevent hearthlings pathing over the painted areas either completely or unless there’s no other way. Then I could stop them going on stair rails, through windows, through gardens, through decorative rivers, etc etc.

Have you tried building the bridges out of roads? Hearthlings should prioritize walking on those.


Oh…no I didn’t and the river is also a road LOL.

Because I can’t put blocks into the ground or see where my building is to mine… :confused:

You can lower blocks into the ground. Hold Shift with a block section selected and the extrude arrow will switch to the 3D movement widget.

I just lowered the blocks in like you said and now they’re gone. You can’t see them but I did the two rivers… Are they there or am I going to have to mine this out? I didn’t lower them because I thought I’d have to mine them out and didn’t want to do that.

EDIT: Okay now I am seeing them but this is super awkward every time I lower them it lowers everything around it. It’s not working in an intuitive way and just frustrating me. Would be easier to be able to paint the river with don’t walk here paint lol. :frowning:

I rebuilt it, and yes they are using the bridges BUT…they’re still walking through the big square lake instead of around despite paths going around.