Hearthling Terraforming STAIRS!

While I do think that ladders are great. Aesthetically, stairs are better and also allowing hearthlings to climb at least 1 block up would be very helpful as they can just terraform the terrain into stairs with the “Mine Block” function anyway but I found out that they could not even climb even 1/3 of their height - in my opinion adding this would be so good for the following reasons:

  1. When settling in an are with high ledges and mountains. While ladders make this task easier as your HearthTown grows, seeing ladders scattered around at the side of ledges makes the area look like a slums some sort.
  2. Mining. Seeing that you can queue mining blocks, being able to mine going up and down through the land would be nice. This allows you to situate in the middle of an island then make a tunnel through the land to the opposite side! While building in the middle of an island sounds like cheating it is actually very hard because of the lack of resources.

Hearthlings do walk up 1 block. That is how I make stairs in the building creation thingy. Also use the mining tool to make stairs when needed or want a natural look. Granted I do start off with ladders, but those areas I have yet to get around to usually and spruce them up.

As to the second one, I have seen someone on You tube do exactly what you are describing. Can’t remember which one I saw… Might have been fridaybiology or banto… Such a while back I watched that; as it was earlier this year.

It is tricky to do though, and I have to agree with more mining functionality; however we do have a few tools we can use like the layer thing to slice the terrain when you get low enough and x-ray to see orientation. The only thing is, the selection type things don’t show in x-ray while you are selecting. I find if that in the very least was done one could at least dig diagonally.

Hearthlings can dig roughly 3-4 blocks tall naturally. Tricky with the 4th block when uses the individual mining tool; while the 4x4x4 one they do just fine, although only strait. So marking rows is the only way of it to go, with the individual mining tool; at least when making tunnel to go up.

You can mine away stairs fairly easily using the individual block tool, though it takes some patience. I’ve been meaning to post a tutorial but haven’t gotten around to it. If you look at this post of mine here:


You’ll see an example of a roughly hundred-foot-tall spiral staircase that was entirely mined out. It does take some patience and care and it’d be nice if it were more automatable but it’s definitely possible and not too hard once you figure out the appropriate dig pattern.