Walls, way to effective

the two walls on both sides of this village have stopped 4 attacks so far. not kidding the enemies tend to sit outside the walls and do to this I learned that most attack each other. I placed the archer just so I get some loot.

This may need tweaked in the future. as walls are a nice thing to have.

wish I could make the category for this both Gameplay and suggestion. because do to this I sort of wish there was building options for arrow slits and gate walls.

bellow are suggestions to make this less OP but make it also viable option.

[suggestion] goblin/kobold/undead sapper.
info: places explosives that will instant destroy most doors, can also place ladders to get on top of walls.
unique traits: low health, high single attack burst damage against doors, can place ladders when attack if their group can not rought to target.

to balance above suggestion

arrow slits
type: window
crafted by: mason/ blacksmith (reinforced)
does: archers can stand behind and fire arrows through with out threat of being hit by enemy projectiles. warning unless you have reinforced it works both ways so place on second stories.

wall plating
type: wall snap decoration
does: prevents ladders from being placed on walls, though they can be destroyed by melee.

I like the sapper idea, it would make players focus their archers on them in the heat of battle so they won’t get immediately breached.

What about enemy catapults that can break down walls so Workers have to come and repair them?

Well eventually there will be enemies that can smash down walls and buildings (like titans) but that will probably come after the building overhaul they have planned.

“walls” also works with underground or inside-mountain towns… It’s quite broken =/