[r556 x64] Archer door hax

Archer shoots enemy through door

I mean, minecraft does this, but it should at least have a place in the door for arrows to be shot through if this is intentional


Not intentional, the door isn’t considered as a block for entities, it’s considered a objectthat they can’t go through, it’s like having a creature between you and the enemy and if the creature isn’t the target, it doesn’t carry as a hit, and goes through,

This is also an issue of the way projecties in SH work, if he enemy moves, the arrow follows it, instead of missing, which has the same cause

all I am hearing from you is fill every wall with doors, got it :relieved:


Your archer is just really skilled, and was able to shoot through the key hole.


Well… That is an option, i think…

Do note than enemy archers can shoot through as well

so my walls are pointless, thanks good to know I’m glad I spent a week building them

We must rebuild

My masterpiece is complete