Archers able to shoot through doors

I’ve found that both enemy and friendly archers are able to shoot through stone tunnel doors.
This includes times there isn’t a hearthling by the door causing it to open.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a free standing wall with a stone tunnel door as part of the construction.
  2. Wait till combat with ranged units and observe.

Expected Results:
The door should block a unit’s line of sight and prevent ranged units from being able to fire on a unit on the other side.

Actual Results:
Ranged units, both enemy and player, seem to behave as if there is no door there when it comes to attacking. Enemy units can’t pass through the door, but they can shoot through it at a player’s hearthlings that are a considerable distance past the door.

I first noticed this when my footmen were running at a bunch of kobold archers that were waiting right by a door in a protective wall. The footmen (first approach) started taking damage from arrows before getting close to the wall.
Second time was when an enemy unit was passing by the door on a wall. Not right up against the door, but a little distance from it. As a friendly archer approached, he stopped running and started shooting at about the distance he would have if there was no wall and door.

I don’t have any screen shots but as I keep playing the save I’ll watch for this and try to take some to update the post with.

Also, I have had a chance to observe this effect with any other door type other than stone tunnel doors; I don’t know if other types of tunnels doors or all doors in general will allow for the same bug.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Version 0.21.0 release 707 x64 build
No Mods


seconded, also happens with the wooden one.

Not sure if it’s still the case, but archers were shooting through walls made with the wall tool in the old builder. For some reason they couldn’t shoot through a wall made using the slab tool though.