Enemies and Doors


Doors and Enemies
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place door
  2. Build Door
  3. Door in world

Expected Results:
Keeps enemies out or they attack the door
Actual Results:
They just walk right through the door


Version Number and Mods in use:
A24.9.2 ie Current
System Information:
same as always


I think the intention is that the “Fortress Door” is the only “lockable” version of the doors?


No, in past versions at least (I haven’t played the latest version), ogres and varanus would attack any kind of doors that block their path to your hearthlings, and no enemies could just walk through. The locking capability is to prevent hearthlings from using them, not to prevent enemies from using them.


Enemies walking through the door is generally caused by the doors boundaries not rotating properly with the object. I’m surprised it’s cropped up again.


Good to know that this is actually a Bug. I made a Drawgate based on the wooden double door a few weeks ago. Everything worked just fine, except the fact, that enemys ignore the door, as @micheal_handy76_mh mentioned.
I spent a night to create an animation, the Qubicle files and the scripts. But it took me nearly 2 Weeks and a lot of nerves to find out, that this wasn’t my fault :sweat_smile:
Even if this is intended to happen, wouldn’t it make something like the collision box obsolete?
(If I’m wrong with my last statement feel free to correct me :hugs: )


It may not even have to be the door tbh, might be the enemies collision box.
Before I could make thin bar like block slots where door bashing enemies could not fit through, and place a door behind ndnthat to keep my village 100% safe yet I could still venture out. Now it looks like they fit through


If it’s a custom door you need to make sure the collision boxes are done correctly. Go into debugtools and click on the item viewer and it’ll show the boundary and it’ll let you generate a boundary box file. Not a coder, but there’s videos on how to do it.


Thank you for your reply. The boxes are totally fine. They just don’t seem to matter :smiley:
The rotation Problem in my previous Post ([Solved] Would appreciate help with rotation) is solved, so ignore it, but you can see the collision box I made there.

In addition: I don’t think that my stupidity has effect on doors in vanilla :wink:


Which door(s) in particular are you seeing bugged?
Do you remember, @micheal_handy76_mh? Was it a double door / tunnel door? or one of the simple ones?


Eventhough the patchnotes don’t say this, the problem seems to be fixed in A24.10.


Sorry was gone a bit, its the rienforced wooden door (the first basic door thats been in the game since start) so far i havent tested others