Non-stop attacks in late stage game

I’ve built the four gongs, killed all the bosses including the big chief (very cool) but now I’m getting non-stop attacks. My fighters can’t rest and even though I’ve 31 villagers, they can’t keep up with all the loot, let alone build anything. Can I switch to peaceful for a while, or change the frequency of the attacks somehow? Any suggestions are welcome.

On another note, I’ve been playing this game since Alpha 3 and you guys have come a long way, the villager AI is coming along awesome!! I REALLY overloaded them at times and they handled it quite well, and the building is so much improved as well! I’ll probably start over now that I’m updated on the game mechanics to do some building, but it’ll be sad to see my current game go lol. You’d think with over 1100 hours in the game I’d be used to starting over by now but it never gets any easier! :smiley:

Here’s the game save from my Dropbox…

One way is to remove the gongs.
With them placed, the game is generating two threats. One from random encounters that happens at random, and one from the gongs.

That was what I did, I was having the same problem as the enemies were overwhelming (although easy to defeat)


Bruno my man! If you were here I’d kiss ya! I’ll go try that out right now!

Update: Seems to be working! Thanks again!

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Uaa- Thank you Bruno… this really was the solution to the helm’s deep situation on my main save. Huh… I didn’t even consider that they might do that long term.