Various Points ... ^_^

  • First, I congratulate you Team for the Alpha 4 … :slight_smile:
    and Of Course with Anything New there should be some Bugs found with it … so, we’re not so Mad about it, well … Maybe for a Little… :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Anyway, the Most Annoying Problem I’ve ever Faced before is the Army of the “Visitors” who Attacking my Small (Riverwood) and Kill every little citizen of mine, one by one without a Mercy … :’(
    So, please … I’m begging you to fix this … after one of them alone came to Village we’ve Took 'em down so Easy but, then a WHOLE ARMY (8-12) of them came and Took us DOWN … It’s the Revenge, isn’t it ?! … :stuck_out_tongue:
  • About the Top Lift Corner’s bar … it’s So Cute and I’d prefer it to has Wood, Food and Silk counters too … and its Descriptions when I move the Courser on them to be Shown … :slight_smile:
  • Now to the Dining Shared Tables … those Buggy things :stuck_out_tongue: … You can’t Stick them together like the Fences maybe … I know you’re Fixing it but, please hurry … and also, when you Place them someplace you CAN’T move them to anywhere anymore !! … -_-
  • and now for the Beds … When I create Mean Beds the Settlers Slept in it but, then I crafted Comfy Beds but, they don’t wanna sleep in it !! … Maybe it’s something about (Priority of Beds) !! which you have to fix it by … so, they’ll move Automatically to the Better ones … :slight_smile:
  • And by the Way … if I’m living on a Hill not the Ground, is it Normal that I won’t receive any Attacks or Even Caravans and Citizens ?! … O_o
  • and Finally … When the Main Menu Button will be Fixed ?! … :slight_smile:

Bugs from Alpha 4
[Bug] Unable to move dining table once placed

Are you sure about this? I’ve moved chairs at least, in this release, I would expect you can move tables as well. Sometimes they don’t seem to get to it, but I think they probably just prioritize other things over moving the table. There have been a few cases where they really didn’t do it, but then when I set it to move again somewhere else, they did it, and then I could move it back to where I wanted it after that.

I think they just claim a bed, more or less, and only sleep in that one from then on. But I agree, they should upgrade to the better beds. The fact they don’t do that means I just have them sleep on the cold, hard dirt the first night or two while I prepare to get the comfy beds made right away.

Video Bug reports for Team Radiant Alpha 4 r122 Part 2 out now

Yes so I’m sure about the “Dining Tables” 'cause I’ve ordered to move the Chairs after that and they did it fine, but, the Tables NO … They’re NOT moving it anywhere after the First Placement … and Thanks for the Replying @Phagocytosis:slight_smile:


should be easy enough to confirm… I know I’ve moved quite a few other items however…

thanks for the feedback @EXAgent97!


It’s my Honor to Serve you @SteveAdamo … 'cause Actually you’re Team the one who’s Helping us by Making this Game So Cute … :slight_smile: