Tune down difficulties and raid frequency

For newcommers the survival normal game are pretty hard. The rate of raiding, looting, and killing of my hearthlings needs to be tuned down a notch. I’m getting like 2-3 raids each day, surely this can’t be the meaning? I’m even getting raided during the first day. I dont have any fighters at this time! I’m basically want a survival that are kinda like sandbox. Sandbox are again too boring, no monster, only building etc… I think one should only be raided if I provoke their camps. or go to near it. The goblin camps are also setting up WAY to close. Goblins should set it up in behind the Fog of War line, so I would have to discover it first.

And also, one more thing. Its unrealistically many huge zombies popping up freaking everywere. One or (maybe!!) two during a week, but not 10!

Haha I think they do that on purpose to exercise the encounters, and yes, having 3 encounters a day becomes routine after a while. I’m my first real game I lost half my colony and went back to 7 guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do see your point, but I think the amount of encounters is exaggerated to make more bugs evident. And in that sense, I totally support the decision on having many raids a day, if it’ll help makes encounters less buggy once they enter beta/release.

The fact that goblin encampments are generated too near does ring very close to the mark for me as well, though.


One way to get up a quick defense for your town is to run a moat, rather than a wall, around your town with only a single access point via a gate. The moat gives you resources and security, just make sure your Hearthlings build a ladder. If you do make a moat, make sure you place the town flag in the center of the area you are protecting. Spawn placement radiate outward from that point. Don’t get greedy with the amount of land you want to claim as safe, Hope this helps!

Thanks for the tips. However, I now see the largest goblin army, ready to freaking conquer the world. Holy macaroni!

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When you start a new game, reroll to get two hearthlings with body and spirit of 5 or higher.
On the (day of the) first raid make them soldiers with a wooden sword and shield.
Those two should not have a problem with the first few raids.

After a few days you should have a herbalist and at least a weaver/mason, for better weapon, armor and healing.

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I am not sure if location has something to do. I have varying rate of random encounters with each save. One save was brutal with wild wolves constantly lurking the woods, forcing me to stop using a trapper as early source of meat and hide xD

Then I had easy saves where mostly entlings attacked every fourth day. But yeah, gettin 1-2 soldiers early on with rough buckler and optionally stone maul lets you be at relative safety.

Were all of your saves on the same build? @linda has been constantly working on the encounter tuning…

Edit: typo

My save are at least from the same build. It should be the latest, beta stuff from steam (v.0.14.0 build:159 x64)