New Game mode, Survival

Ive been thinking lately about something that might be possible to do trough modding (maybe ill give it a go if i really want it bad) a new game mode “Survival” where you would have a single Hearthling and no means of getting another one, this hearthling will become a jack of all trades with time, but the main goal is pretty much to survive and to have a home instead of just a shelter, you will have to make it a worker if you want to chop/mine or gather/build anything;

Want to have a bed for your new house? make him a carpenter!

No longer need to work on wood but you need more food/fur? make him a trapper!

A goblin attack is underway? promote him to footman!

Enemies starting to give you a hard time? promote him to blacksmith and get better weapons/armor!

Need a better shelter? turn him back to a worker!.

You get the idea, and basically everything will take a bit longer to make to accommodate to the game mode since you dont want to build a mansion in just 2 days after all.

At first you might want to make a palisade (or something similar, pointy sticks coming out of the ground or some other way of keeping enemies back) with a small tent in the middle, then upgrade to a small house, then a cabin, then a fortress or maybe even a mansion, the point is to pretty much upgrade your base when you think youre ready to do it.

What do you guys think?.


recently playing a game of hard mode lead to this scenario where everyone had died and the next day i barely went over the daily update. since i had one character i had to keep swapping to different professions to stay alive so yeah it would be a fun mode if the controls for commanding the one hearthling where made better.

I actually did this back around Alpha 11, refreshing the Embark screen until I got a 6/6/6 Hearthling.
Put the other 6 into a hole in the ground, let them starve until it was just the one guy left.
Only problem I really ran into was that experience would reset on every class change, making it hard to level.
Also, you don’t keep buffs between promotions (Trapped Level 2 Speed Buff doesn’t carry over to Worker).
I doubt it would work now with the combat overhaul.
Even a level 6 combat Hearthling would get wrecked by most of the late-game encounters.

i thought that changing classes keeps the level? and by the way, the enemies would have less spawn rate, it will be a whole different mode, different spawn rate, health/attack on enemies, experience gained,etc.

The levels are kept; but the experience gain is lost.

For a simple example; if you have a level 3 farmer that has most of the experience needed to reach level 4; and you switch them to footman for 3 seconds and then back to farmer; they’ll be a level 3 farmer with none of the experience needed to reach level 4.

that gives even more tactical thinking to the mode, knowing when to switch classes, knowing when you can get the most exp with a certain class, at least i think i would take blacksmith right away to promote to engineer so i can set up traps and turrets so i dont have to switch to footman so constantly, making the engineer even more useful now!

It will be very cool that in the survival mode the worker can be all the trades at the same time, unlocking new ones and epecialize in one kind of fighting as you level up, It would be amazing