[REQUEST] Zombie Survival

Hello, i have no knowledge of modding but was wanting to ask if a modder could take up this task, i think it would be amazing to have some sort of zombie survival mod, like say, every night a wave of zombies spawns, this wave either increases with the amount of hearthlings and/or with ever night passes, wealth, food, etc. so say if you have 20 hearthlings it spawns 20 x (x amount) = the zombies that night. i know this sounds silly, but i think if it did this and also maybe reduced the health and damage of the zombies or something it could make a really neat mod. thanks for reading.

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Have you tried the Hearth of Valor? It has a similar mechanic, although it’s not unlocked until mid-game so by then the enemy waves aren’t very challenging; and it’s easy to control their spawn zones to make fighting them much simpler…

I can definitely see some players enjoying a mod where zombies start spawning on night 1 and don’t stop. I think it would be cool if, as part of every wave, about half the zombies were “aggro” against the town and the other half were just encampments/random spawns so they’d stay around the map and wander around, slowly building up into a horde if you don’t venture out to deal with them. Of course that could lead to a LOT of lag for players without a powerful computer, but since it’s a mod it could be configurable to put a cap on roaming enemies.

could be done as a sort of campaing, so you have X nights of zombie waves to survive? (if i wasnt so busy making stuff i’d look in to it, as it is, i have too much on my to do list XD )

That sounds a bit like Candledark I & II. Sadly, it wasn’t updated in 2 years so it won’t work with the current version of the game.

But who knows, maybe someone will update it for Halloween.