Just a couple Candledark questions

Hey everyone, I just had a couple questions I was hoping someone might be able to answer.

So first off, I wanted to know if the scarecrow has some extra ability other then working like the pumpkin wards, or if they perhaps do more damage to the undead or have extended range over the normal wards?

I was also curious if the plague transformation can be averted, so say my Hearthling is infected but lives the battle, are they doomed? Or based on their health can they live after some set period of time? Is there a way to keep Hearthlings from being infected,or to reverse the transformation all together, maybe after living the Candledark campaign?

I know it might be difficult to answer but thanks! :sweat_smile:

though others probably could answer, i’ll page @Froggy as he’s the creator of it.

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Thanks, it’s much appreciated. :grin:

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The Scarecrows are just a variant of the pumpkin ward I’m afraid. My plan is (maybe next year) they’ll be a priority target for the undead, i.e. the undead will attack them first, so you can create chokepoints. There is no point creating chokepoints at the moment as the game isn’t quite mature enough to handle zombie hordes.

As for the plague, there is no way to reverse the transformation, as the Wight state is supposed to be an end of game state. i.e you lose when all of your Hearthlings are zombiefied!


Oh okay, well I can’t wait to see next years features I really love this, thanks for your time. :smiley: