Candledark Survival Challenge (Spoilers)

Hey Everyone!

Now that you’ve had a chance to experiment a bit with Candledark, we here at Team Radiant would love to see you open it up and tinker around with it a bit! :slight_smile:

To that end, we will take a lore-appropriate villager name suggestion (for permanent inclusion in ascendancy.json, team approval required) from whoever can survive the largest horde of skeletons on night 3. Right now, if you’ve survived Candledark, you’ve proven you can withstand 40 skeletons. But how about 60? 100? 1,000?

In order to tackle this challenge, you’ll need to do a couple of things:

  • rename candledark.smod to and unzip it.
  • inside the zip file, look for a file called skeleton_invasion.json. It should be inside scenarios\dynamic\skeleton_invasion
  • this file contains an array [8, 25, 40] showing the skeleton invasion size for each of the 3 nights of the mod. Edit 40 to whatever size you think your town (and your computer) can handle
  • start a new game and take a screen (or three) of the results, and post it to this thread!

Contest closes EOD Friday, Oct 31st.

Note: In order to max out the number of skeletons that attack during the third night, you might need to adjust the skeleton spawn rate, so the GPU of your computer is not overwhelmed (and so your town has a prayer of surviving.) I’ll leave that to you as extra credit, but you’ll find the solution somewhere inside skeleton_invasion.lua.

Anything else you need to hack in to survive the largest wave is also fair game. :slight_smile:

Happy Candledark!


This is guaranteed to be interesting. Love the Candledark Halloween rename by the way!


This is going to be fun :slight_smile: But for clarification, what constitutes “survive”?

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Let’s say 1 villager alive :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, can’t wait to give it a go, thanks!

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I might see about doing this just to stress-test my PC actually :laughing: . Crank up villager stats and the number of skeletons that spawn, then see if I can fry an egg on the tower case :smiley: .

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Here’s the cheaty town of Stronghold, which survived when the invasion size was set to 500 :slight_smile:

A few notes: this lagged out the game like crazy. Time started passing really slowly, and the game crashed. This is the furthest I got, when I tried overwriting the previous save, it deleted it, but couldn’t save a new file. I doubt there are 500 skellies there, but it’s quite a few! Also, if you notice the really brightly colored ones, I think those are the prime spawning spots where a bunch were taking up the same space. Quite the invasion, but they survived :wink:


Ok, this one was set at 1000 and lasted for days!

The 3rd night warning, the skeletons had one spawn point in this one, not sure why other then a ton of trees around.

Through the days they still came, my little people could clear out the logs.

And finely when the Old Man returned and still they came! But he gave us candy anyway :smile:

5 game days later they stopped, whew


win 8.1 pro x64 : gtx 970 : recorded with shadowplay Dynamic Super Resolution at 3840x2160. But when youtube optimized it they trashed the quality.
wave 1 80 skeletons wave 2 250 wave 3 400 I didn’t realize it was 40 minutes long till I uploaded it so you might want to fast forward through it to see the end.


Noticed in your video your stacking “make 1 pumpkin” a bunch of times in the carpenters menu, you can tell them to make several, in the carpenter’s menu there are arrows next to the 1, click them to increase the desired amount.


Yeh I know. But when I’m forcing a 1080p TV into 4k mode it’s a pain in the tush to hit that crafting arrow. It doesn’t match up quite right. Easier to just click make 1 several times. The point was to push the limit. So I dropped it into 4k mode via DSR and last wave 400 skellies. No issues with the game.

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I just watched it. :wink: The 45 min combat cutscene in the upcoming LoTR movie can hold no candle to this :wink:


Thanks everyone for participating in the Candledark survival challenge! :slight_smile:

Props to @martyrsvale for being first in the door, to @Unatan2 for the largest single wave, and @deakon for the most pixels/time dedicated to Candledark! I’ll contact each of the three of you individually for your civilian name nominees. :slight_smile:

Happy Candledark, and happy modding :slight_smile:


congratulations! :smile: :+1:

let me know if any of you would like some sort of (related) custom forum title… :wink:


Hi guys, I know I have completely missed the whole challenge period… Thought I would just post what happened when I messed around with the settings.

Initially I changed skeleton number to 2000. It was still easy but took forever.

So I followed @sdee’s suggestion and messed around with the skeleton_invasion.lua

I increased the spawn rate of skeletons to approximately four times as quick, and significantly reduced the distance from town that the skeletons spawn in. The result was interesting…

But what really impressed me was the brave carpenter Fiona Keloch, who stumbled across the town while it was heavily besieged by countless numbers of skeletons, and decided “Hey this is awesome! I must join this town, NOW!”