Post Your Candledark Screenshots Here! (Spoilers)


Team Radiant would love to see what happened to your town on the nights of Candledark. :slight_smile:

Since that might constitute spoilers for those who haven’t played it yet, I thought a new thread might be in order.

Post away! :smiley:


Here’s the lanterns (I really like them :blush:) :

Luckily the goblins that came didn’t meet with the skeletons…
But can someone explain me why my two footmen got scared instead of fighting? If it was a regular worker I don’t mind, but they were supposed to fight =(

They look like a damsel in distress in that picture… :expressionless:
In the end nobody died, because everyone fought together to get rid of the mighty undead.
P.S.: I knew those lanterns were a trap… e.e


stuck. at. work. :cry:


Whether or not someone can engage in combat depends on their courage stat, and skeletons are scarier than goblins. :wink:


I think people have been overlooking the stats when they create a class for a citizen


Stuck doing medieval chant music transcriptions (of all possible things to say.). Quite busy using the microfilm machines at the moment…


They’re only just starting to matter, and their effects will certainly change as we play around with the system. :slight_smile:


It’s my fault, I always test in a rush :smile:
Don’t bother about stats because I usually play short games.

By the way, where are my candies? I survived the skeletons but no more bulletins popped up and day came. =/


How many skeletons? :smiley:


Ran into a problem, Footman and Skeleton on opposite sides of a wall, they stayed there forever just shifting side to side preparing to smack each other, the pathway to each other wasn’t that far away, heh.


Maybe between 10~20? :confused:
Definitely not too many, and I had 9 citizens. It’s true that previously I had to deal with 2 or 3 little waves of goblins during the second and third day.


Well, leave it running until sunset of the night after the last wave of Skeletons and see how that goes :slight_smile:


Didn’t suvive this one lol, they snuck in from the back.

[Dev Blog] Beware the Nights of Candledark, Our First Holiday Mod!

My footmen died.

I saw this clipping issue (or maybe it was a ghostly skeleton?)

And then… the final battle!

But my citizens had flee don’t know where and in the third morning the wave of slow-pokes came when it was already day. With a bunch of associated errors, too =S

I’ve closed the game. I think my save is already affected by the errors :cry:
My poor cpu, going 100% permanently again …


Sorry to hear it. :frowning: I’m not sure what that last set of errors is; maybe a lingering action on a person who isn’t around anymore? Congrats on getting that far, though! I prescribe more pumpkins.


After my false start I survived. :surfer:

Sppoky Night 1:

Spooky night 2:

Spooky night 3 and 4 I did not wanted to put more stress on my PC :smiley:


Congratulations!!! Candy for everyone! :smiley:


Noo, they are miiine, Miiiiiiine… :ghost:


Was all set for the second wave but they didn’t come:

Panned out and saw this:

They were pounding away at a group of goblins buried in the ground lol, here’s a daylight shot:


There he went, brave Irvin Quess (Nickname : Mister Quest) ! For his village!

But the wave was HUGE! He got scared, luckily for him! The lanterns were close enough to save him!

But no candy? :frowning:

Edit: I did pick the guy with the most courage haha