Candledark this year?

my question to the modding community is are we going to have a candledark mod this year or are we not getting a candledark from this point on. i love that mod and would like for someone to keep it updated. but i think the devs want it to be a seasonal mod. like around early fall- late fall.

if someone could tell me if it is going to be a once a year mod or if it is going to be a mod that is kept up to date with every new alpha that comes out.

Candledark is the “official” halloween mod, so it only gets updated/released once a year around the end of october. but that’s a pretty terrible/vague explanation on my part, so i’ll just page @Froggy, the mod creator.

There will definitely be a new Candledark this year as there are still many more things I would like to do with it.

As far as I am aware A17 should work with the latest version. Let me know if you have any issues.


i will. thank you very much for letting me know the info on my favorite mod.

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it does not have the old hermit event popping up in the events log. the event where it says. an old hermit wonders into town. thats never shows up. i know its a vague problem. but thats what happens.

this is replicatible.

did you make sure to start a new save? because i just started a new save with candledark a few hours ago and the old hermit came and talked/started the campaign…

I’ve just ran though it from start to finish in a microworld. Seems fine. Let me know if you still have issues with a new game. Also, please ensure you are running latest. All my mods are updated to run on the latest branch, and may have issues if you’re running stable.

thats why it wouldn’t work. i was running stable. lol i feel stupid for not knowing that mods only run the latest version.

not all mods only run on unstable, there are lots of mods that run on stable (or on both), but @Froggy always develops his on the unstable branch so they might not work on stable.

:smiley:Ahh I’m so looking forward to see a new Candledark, the chimney last year was so awesome,
but hope that this year there’d be a cure for wounded hearthlings, however hard it is to collect the ingredients :joy: they’re so poor…

i changed the game beta to latest and it still does not have the popup event where it says a old hermit wonders into town. i dont know what i am doing wrong. i even tried to reinstall the game and still nothing.