[Request] The Return of The Return of Candle Dark

So I was wondering is someone could possible take this
And update it for Alpha 13, it says you need Alpha 12 so im assuming it wont work with Alpha 13, hence why im requesting someone to maybe update it? I know its not halloween or anything but still its always fun :joy:


I just really quickly tried the mod on Alpha 13, It worked for me! so you should be able to download the mod and play it! No update needed as far as I can see! :slightly_smiling:

Hope that helped :wink:

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Oh awesome :smiley: Figured it wouldnt since it was Alpha 12, Thanks for trying it XD

Updated Version on my german Translation Website :wink: TR must upload the New Version First on their servers

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this, like all mods, follows TR’s modding rules that unless he gives permission to someone else, the only person who would be allowed to update it would be the mod creator (@Froggy).


I know and it was allowed :wink: the mainpart of the fixes are the localization xD the Problem like discribed the Mod is on the Servers of TR so we must wait until its updated there also xD