Frostfeast and Candledark update?

Is there any way to get Frostfeast and Candledark updated for 22.5?

I’ve never played them and was looking forward to trying them. :merry:


Me too, I missed it last year. But I have no idea as well.

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I believe one would have to consult @Froggy.

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Thank you Kittyodoom. :jubilant:

So, a second call-out to @Froggy? Are you there, please?

Hey guys, just noticed this.

Unfortunately I’ve entered my last year of service and do not have the time to commit to something like this. I think the total development time for FF16 was around 3 months so I’m already way behind the curve.


After last night’s twitch video, does Frostfeast work now? :merry:

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Not quite yet, but we’ll post whatever compat fixes we manage to finish by Christmas.


I love you guys :heart:


sniffs around for both of these mods, particularly for them to turn up on the Steam Workshop… :stuck_out_tongue:


they will need patched after release and that might require a new modder cause idk if froggy will be available or willing.


Pretty pretty please could we have an updated version of these for the final version?

Frostfeast in particular is my favourite mod of all time - I adore the lights and fireplaces - but I’ve never yet managed to play to the end without my game disintegrating.

They are such fabulous mods though - and they’d fulfil the Kickstarter festivals goal properly :wink:

There’s the compatibility release they made for Alpha 23, which worked mostly. From my side, I do not have any plans to update Frostfeast.

That is a shame, but that you so much for the many hours of pleasure your mods did provide!

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