So more more Christmas theme then?

So no more forstfeast ever no official one and no more modded one ? Man talk about crapping the mod and I liked the idea to vissit each winter to make a little Christmas town as a project like how some youtuber’s makes a Terraria Christmas special. And there is no simple way to update the old official one just to work with the game sure I could do it if I even knew WTF I was doing I never modded for any game ever im to stupid for that.

The semi-official one is Frostfeast. I don’t know if it’s going to get updated this year, though.

I also think that this is likely the last winter that Stonehearth itself will be any relevant enough to be even considered for a YouTube series, outside of deepintoyoutube fringe stuff.

Nah I was not thinking of using it for youtube content just more like the general idea to have a holiday themed playthrough for my self but doing the same concept as the youtubers to play and build for an hour or 2 every day until Christmas.

Well, I wouldn’t rule it out but short term? No. SH is modding heaven though so I’d be surprised if someone wouldn’t so something with Xmas at some point

Part of the reason why there wasn’t a FF 17 and there won’t be a FF 18 is because Stonehearth is a lot, but definitely not even comfortable when it comes to modding.

Yeah I could understand that but I mean would it be to much for the developers to add like lets say 3 simple items a Christmas tree, lights and like a static items that looks like a pile of presents? I mean we have a winter biome now so all we need to get some Christmas spirit is does 3 items and that would be totally fine. :frowning:

Honestly, that’s prety easy to make.
Especially because the items don’t need to do anything. The models would be the most time consuming unless they already exist in some form in frostfeast or in @Kittyodoom 's stash of random cute models…

A winter biome? Really? You mean the Northern Alliance Biome?

Adding models like a christmas tree or gifts isn’t soo much difficult. it will be also funny to make something like this ^^

Maybe i will find some time to make a micro mod for this

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yeah I ment the Northern Alliance Biome it it´s winter/snow is that´s enugh.

Yeah a mini mod with does 3 items would be enugh for me.