Post your Frostfeast screenshots!

I haven’t seen any topic for this, so here we go :smile:

Post your Frostfeast screenshots, even save games if you want. I’m sure the devs and the modders will like to see your winter towns.

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i now feel kinda bad for not having played frostfeast yet…


It played very well! Does the campaign ever end, though?


I cant believe you killed the goblins :frowning:

I bet you stole their presents too! Didn’t ya?!!

All that’s left is their lights :’(

And no, the campaign doesn’t end, as frostfeast is a seasonal mod, it should be unloaded at the end of the month - …and there is currently no way to stop a generator encounter once its started :wink:


The amazing things that could be done if this was possible! Also the ability to unlock/unhide and lock/hide recipes based on the holidays or events as well :stuck_out_tongue:


You can :smile:

Have your recipes as a mod-of-a-mod with a deferred load (ala RC ui). Then you can trigger the deferred load via an in game event, such as - in your case - A master samurai swordsmith visits, and offers to teach you a recipe if you meet his challenge.


@Avairian, you need to make this a thing in your mod now… you need to! :wink:


Yeah I wasn’t giving them 44 wood. That’s what greed gets you during the holidays!

Some more feedback:

  • It was challenging but not completely unattainable to meet every offering. The only one I missed was because I didn’t have enough levels on my cook but I was very close. I should have also started wheat sooner.
  • All of the decorations were absolutely amazing! If I wasn’t so busy crafting offerings I would have just enjoyed building and decorating.
  • I wasn’t sure whether or not the stone heaters had a passive effect or if they just offered a place to warm up like at the firepit. Also I had trouble undeploying and moving them. The hearthlings would just sort of stand by it trying to do something and then give up after a little bit.
  • The cold effect was amazing. When I went on my goblin raid my soldiers nearly froze to death before they got back.
  • Chimneys offered a very nice aesthetic (but you can’t move or remove them!)
  • Everything ran very smooth and stable the entire time. Except for having to use the destroy command a handful of times things were great. I can tell this was well tested.
  • I was really excited to open my first presents. Food was plentiful, that’s for sure. Adding a few other items like weapons or warm workers outfits would have been nice, though.
  • The breath effect was really cool. I would have liked it a bit more transparent and maybe shorter. It just looks funny when walking around leaves a long breath trail behind.
  • The multitude of new items was really amazing and I liked how they were set apart with the snowy background.
  • It was maybe a bit too hard to get wreaths. I didn’t have doors on any of my buildings for a long time while I waited for my saplings.
  • The whole thing just felt really nice. I would describe it more as a “campaign” than a mod. It seems more like something I just want to do one or two times as a special playthrough than something I would keep loaded. I liked that.

Haha “Download Nihonjon Now! 5GB download with 356smod files!” Don’t tempt me!


Really enjoyed the game mode so far although I have run in to a couple problems.

  1. I keep occasionally getting frost feast windows with the snowy side facing the interior. Any idea how to fix that?
  2. Maybe next time you do this mod include a way for us to see what is in the plentiful offerings? I keep opening them with no idea what’s in them because my workers clear it or move it to quick for me to find out.

Otherwise, great job. Loving the mod so far.

So today I started a town using this epic mod!

Here’s where I’ve gotten too!

I thought the tree was going to be a little bigger here, haha,

I have really enjoyed this mod, Its amazing in so many ways, It makes me feel excited for christmas now haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you like the town :smile:


My town of Granitecoin so far…

Rest of my town before save corrupted


Really early stuff ! I’m working on a very big village :smiley:


Really nice to see that someone is making use of the new stone colours we’ve added.

RepeatPan insisted we include them for people like you!

Edit. You can also add Frostfeasty floors to your buildings :slight_smile:


Awesome Froggy :smiley:
Exactly the same thing i can’t do because my imagination is too limited xD


Title: Baby, its cold outside!

Title: The more the merrier?
I need to keep my wealth up so I can get daily new 'lings so I uhm, redirected some presents to some new friends I made, who was happy to help me keep the merry going. Mr. Big Tree isn’t feeling so merry though :sweat: He’s becoming a bit of stick-ler. :sweat_smile:

Title: Sweet and Sour
Giant stair-case supporting candy canes, cozy hat posse, and the grumpy archer that can’t join the company because he has to go deal with an even grumpier ogre outside.

Hope I can show you more soon! I’m really enjoying this mod :smiley:


What I have gotten too so far. Taken couple weeks, due to work and other things

The Frost Tree,(gonna add more decoration when I can)

Things to Come, (Snowed over Ruins of a Keep)


Here’s a few shots of Alpenvale Green.