Frostfeast updated!

RepeatPan and Froggy have made a few changes and improvements to the already awesome Frostfeast mod.
If you’ve already downloaded it, make sure you get the newest version.
If you haven’t downloaded it… what are you waiting for?

Details in this updated post: ‘Tis the season… for Frostfeast! – Stonehearth

Mod Edit (12/20/15): The download link on the website has been updated. Frostfeast version 1.1.2 is now available on


Why would you destroy the goblins christmas light? :frowning:

They is just trying to spread the happines.


@RepeatPan, @Froggy, great work listening to all the feedback! I see several things I (and maybe others) mentioned on the patch notes. Appreciate your hard work!


I’ve considered adding a dialogue about what you received from the presents too and it’s on the backlog, but not in this release. It’s something that can always be added later on without breaking savegame compatibility.


Hey i’d like to offer (even though i know this is deemed more of an official mod) the Praise Mod website could be useful as the client will detect if an update is available and give the user the option to update so for those that don’t check the websites it can notify them.

Thought i’d offer my support. :christmas_tree:

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I can’t tell if my computer is just really dumb, or if I’m really dumb, but I’ve tried to download the updated mod two or three times and the update doesn’t work. The opening dialogue is still incorrect, saplings take forever to grow, etc etc. What do I… What am I doing wrong here??

Is it possible to start Frostfeast on an existing game, or do you have to make a new one once you install the mod?

I honestly have no idea if it is possible or not, but I have a strong feeling that it isn’t. I think it is probably best, or definitely best I guess, to make a new game.

I’m really sorry to bump this or whatever, it isn’t my intention to post again for attention just so you know. I just had a thought that might work, I don’t know. Either this is another “it didn’t really update you moron” situation like that other time, which I sort of doubt, the link on the website is the wrong link, which again, I doubt, but is more likely than the first, or, somehow, my computer is just so moronic that, because I have clicked the same link to download something, it just downloads the same thing from said link, even if it has changed. Which, honestly, is so dumb and unbelievable it might be possible. I’m very new to windows 10 and im bad at computers, so I have no clue. That could be it. Is there like, another download link somewhere? Dropbox maybe? I don’t know man

@Kittyodoom, I do not believe Frostfeast will work well with an existing game, as it modifies many parts of the game. @Froggy or @RepeatPan would need to confirm, but I am fairly sure about that.

@sheepasaurusrex: Let me check the link on the website for you, I will edit this when I have done so.

Edit: I just downloaded it from the website myself. Based on what a (very quick) review of the files, it does appear to be the original version, not the update. I am contacting the developers to check if something didn’t work right here. Thanks for letting us know @sheepasaurusrex, and I will update this again as soon as I can.

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

That does make me wonder how everyone else got the update though… did they even?

Not sure if anyone has commented on playing the update, just that the patch notes seem to included requested changes…

I’m playing what I presumed to be the update, though based on the post of changes…not so sure if it IS the update or not. For example, I have a large quantity of the presents required to make the Carpenter’s Offering (though not the offerings themselves), and the requests haven’t been affected at all by it (1-2 as the base request plus 1-3 for the additional). So unless I’m misunderstanding how that’s supposed to work…

Edit. Link now works correctly


Appreciated but I’m afraid we’ll have to refuse the offer. There are various reasons as to why we do not wish to participate in any sort of auto updater or third party repository as of now.

You can check your stonehearth.log; it should contain the version of Frostfeast. The updated version should be 1.1.2.

It is not possible nor recommended to add Frostfeast to existing games, nor is there save compatibility between the original Frostfeast and the updated version (1.1.2 and 1.0.0). There has been a breaking change to encounters which shouldn’t happen in the future, as we have no foreseeable, breaking changes/updates pending.


Ok, i’d be interested if you want to share those reasons :christmas_tree: :wink:

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Much sadness that this doesn’t work with A14

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I know what you mean the observer must be changed and then the Versionnumber. But im Not allowed todo something :wink:

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But…but someone must! :cry: