Frostfeast 2016! moar frost, moar feast

Frostfeast 2016 is compatible with Alpha 19. As Froggy notes, we recommend strongly that you start a new game to enjoy fully all that is to be experienced.


Nice work, @Froggy @RepeatPan !

Excited to give this a spin. :slight_smile:


Great work guys! Looking forward to playing! If I install the mod and follow the instructions, will I be able to still play my other non-Christmasy worlds as well? And will they have changed in some way? Or is it best to only play those worlds again after I take it the mod?

What Is envisioning in a perfect world is that creation of a new world now allows you to choose between temperate, desert, temperate snow, and desert snow. Can you only choose snowy versions with this mod installed?

Thanks for any and all answers,


Omg, that mask.
I can see glowing voxels =O
Will have it? =O

Not sure if caused by this mod (didn’t checked the files yet) but I had an ogre+kobold raid on the fifth day (normal difficult, not hard)

I lost one hearthling before I could act (I thought the enemy alert was just another stoneling) and had to cheat and made then friendly…

I’m guessing it was caused by the super tree hat (it has 10 defense, bumping the military strength a lot, I just had 1 soldier with stone maul and wood shield, yet my military score is 1400…)


Choosing between Frostfeast and not-Frostfeast is not possible because the game does not support this kind of modding.

Loading an existing save isn’t recommended because the campaign has certain elements to it that might be time-bound; it was never tested (nor supposed) to be run in existing saves.

glad to see a mod come for it, was already starting on a Christmas theme town :slight_smile:


by the way was it intentional to have so much mountain and so little open plain area in the world generating settings?

I would not click on the clay pile in the goblin chief camp after they are defeated. You get a massive 3 part error about the terrain and building things there

Just wanted to say this.


Took the pic at night so you could see it’s pretty lights :smiley:


Fixed and Fixed.

The first was a design choice to make it more gloomy, but I have relented and made the foothill grass more snowlike - the second is a stonehearth issue that I’ve worked around.

I’ll bug @Brad to get the new version uploaded. But in the meanwhile it can be found in the last post by me…

@Relyss Dirt piles are not gracious if keep_grass is overwritten to true. IMO it should do “no region found, thanks for all the fish!” not “ZOMG! EXPLOSIONS!”


I believe Albert has already fixed it for A20 :slight_smile:


Bug report:

The tree hat bumps our military score so high that the game immediately starts spawning the orc+ogre+kobold raids.

I checked the files, it is because the ilevel is 1337 (lol). I didn’t know this before, but the ilevel counts to the military score…

Just change it to the lowest ilevel possible that still is higher than default armors


By the way, how many Stone heater are needed for a house?
as example the tier 1 shared sleeping quarters

I have no idea how to play this mod to be honest…

My hearthlings keep freezing, and even after I went to read the code I still couldn’t get them to be not slow ice cube when walking…
I have heaters next to all beds, all my beds are the super comfy bed. I’m only using the frostfeast foods (their are the only foods that give warm bonus)… I’m also spamming the herbalist tonics on them.
And yet everyone is always freezing and can’t do their jobs…

I also have no idea why my tree (in the monument) is dying… So I thought it must be missing something, like in candledark, where the guy gave you a small tip at the very begin and you have to interpret it very literally (it was about the wards defeating zombies).
I went back and read the dialogues again (in a new game) and he mention something about lights being important. Ok, I went ahead and spammed the town with all types off light, decorations and so on. Nothing changed.
I read the code again and discovered that the blue ice guys are bad and I should not be giving them presents… And there is a whole score system, where if you accept them or fail the others you score negative. I proceed to refuse them all the time and complete all the other requests. And yet not a change again…

Is the tree gone forever? I don’t want to keep reading the code to discovery the mechanics all the time…

I’m not going to get into details about it. You’ve figured out some key elements, but didn’t quite get the whole picture, which is understandable given its size.

No, the tree is not gone and will recover if you give it time (and lots of quests). It takes a lot of good to undo an evil deed.

That your hearthlings are cold is a direct result of your actions. I thought it was wasted time to implement it and nobody would ever reach that point… but it makes me glad to see that apparently, there’s enough appeal to get through with it. As with the tree, it’s forgiveable.

The tonics do not prevent the cold; they only prevent the sniffles. If you are worried about heat sources, keep in mind that they stack and some have a considerable range. If you’re into debugging the stuff anyway, press F11 and check the heat source’s sensor range (the yellow wireframe). Anything within its area will be warmed. However, from your depictions, you’ve done quite a lot for Achernar… which means that while they might be warm inside the bed, they’ll probably freeze immediately as soon as they leave their homes.

Reading the code to understand the mechanics is not how it should work and in my opinion, isn’t required either. There could have been additional hints, but due to technical and motivational issues, those were scratched from the final release.


I did not have to read the code :wink:
Giving presents to children or to some creepy cultists … :smiley:


But they were so nice! :wink:
I just thought it was part of quest, to accept them. And then later someone would realize that the gifts were being redirected.

Sorry, maybe I was just rushing it too much. It is just that I thought that the game would react to me giving the present to the wrong guys, not just punish me. Like the guy from CoP would come and complain, and then teach us about the cultists, or something like that.

Oh, thanks for the f11 tip, didn’t know that! I was used to select the entity then use the debug to view the hitboxes.
Edit: f11 didn’t worked. :frowning:


Problems with the mods the games are corrupted and the guadarlas do not work

Only happens when using the mod

Are ore amounts lowered. i am on day 12 of newmun with 2 big mine shafts and there is no ore. the only ore i have gotten is 5 from a gift package.

Fixed. Although if it is the ilevel of the item and not the damage reduction then I don’t see this as a mod bug, rather a Stonehearth bug. I think it’s quite reasonable to expect that the ilevel of an item should not contribute to the military score of a town, if it is not equipped by a combat role. Thoughts @Relyss?

Valid feedback and fixed. It was not my intention to make SH foods redundant.

“enable_debug_keys” : true, in settings :slight_smile:

I lol’d. :smiley:

It’s a recoloured Temperate and Desert biome. So any reduced ore amounts are unlikely. There was an issue where the foothills could easily be confused for mountains due to the colouring I used, but that has been fixed in an update.

We are aware that some users are having issues loading saved games. Unfortunately we do not have the tools to debug the issue and I cannot replicate it on my machine.

The updated SMOD can be found below