Frostfeast 2016! moar frost, moar feast



By the way, what are Bounty Stone, Stone Hearth etc. … and the bouble? presents for?
I can not interact with those items.


@brad (and @sdee?) wrote a very cool origins story about the first Frostfeast. The pillars represent the main parts of the story in a broken faded carving kind of affair. As long as the monument is place you shouldn’t have to interact with them as they are automagically placed where they need to be.

I hope you get to read it! I enjoyed it.


(im preperd for a hatestorm) but is there a way to get the map and not the item or …storyline?.. like i really want a snow map

Glad the call it frost feast and not christmas atleast


You can refuse the quests at the start. :wink: (The third option, “bah humgh” or something like that)

(Although the cold mechanics would be still there)


but what about the themed items?


Those will be there, but you can simple ignore it if not wanted.


To be honest i haven’t been botherd to install it and take a look- thanks for sharing this info with me Bruno’


The daily quest requirements seem to keep going up, whether you meet them or not. (not sure if they only go up if you Accept & Fail the quest - which I’ve definitely had - or if they go up when you Refuse it as well) If, for whatever reason, you’re not able to meet their current level of demands, having them continue to escalate feels a little harsh :confused:

I started Refusing a couple of the early ones (inc the first few Bauble ones :confused: ) because they were asking for Engineer offerings when I hadn’t even encountered ore yet (mistaken foothills, I’m definitely in). Combined with stone shortages, it’s been slow development. Between Engineer, Blacksmith, Pottery, and Cooking, I wound up Refusing a decent number of their quests, and then being optimistic and failing a few. Now when they offer the ‘simple’ quests (carp/mason), the requests are double the old requirements - was 6, now 12. Failed the 12, and the next day was asking for 15 instead (of the same type - mason, I believe). The requirements seem to keep climbing, and the rewards shrinking - 1-2 normal boxes, whereas many of those earlier quests were offering 3-4 boxes and/or ~2 fancy boxes. Unless it’s intentionally designed around rewarding blitzing, this feels like a surprisingly harsh approach.

Loving the mod overall, though :slight_smile: Overall aesthetic, theming, the added decorations & clothing, the cold mechanic and the many items that interact with it … it’s a wonderful creation.


Hey there @Vyrasa. I’m speculating here (because I can’t confirm what’s in your stockpiles), but it sounds like the mods anti-stacking mechanism at work. The requests do not double nor increase just because you failed or refused a quest. The mod works to prevent you from stocking up on presents to “help” get ahead on the quests. If you have presents already created, the mod adds the request to the number of existing presents. So, if the church was going to ask you for 3 presents, but you have 10 in your stockpile already, the request will be 13.

As for rewards, I’ve confirmed that they are completely random. No correlation between the request and how many gifts you get back.

Hope this makes sense, let me know if you have any further questions.


As explained by jomaxro, it is best to not have any present at all. Let the craft begin only when they ask. This way they only ask 2, 3 or 4 presents most of the time :wink:

(Stock the ingredients though, this will make it faster to craft them on demand)


in the biome map there is the file for a snow biome version temperate biome. Perhaps using that :slight_smile:


! That’s probably it, then. I started trying to keep a stock of each offering as I got the ability to make them, and kept upping the ‘make until we have X’ orders each time the requested amount increased, to be prepared for the followup. So instead of helping with preparedness, I was just spiraling myself into ever-more-costly requests. Combined with a bit of unlucky reward alignments, that’d seem to explain it all.

Well, that tells me how to fix it, or at least not repeat it, so I definitely appreciate the info :slight_smile: Thanks.

[quote=“BrunoSupremo, post:31, topic:26952”]
(Stock the ingredients though, this will make it faster to craft them on demand)
[/quote]Sounds like the thing to do - just have to pay attention to them actually crafting the offers in a timely fashion now :wink:


Santa’s elf factory is being build to keep up with the never ending need for presents :slight_smile:


Did anyone managed to get more than ~6 Decorations for his Tree? my game seems stuck at this. The Quests keep coming up every day, but the rewards are no longer baubles for the tree, “only” normal presents.
(I understood not to give presents to the “Cultist” any more)

on a side Note: The Church has now always two requests for presents running at the same time for me - intentionally or bug?


Present quests are available roughly every four successful finished quest, there are ten in total. If you have enough reputation, there’s a high chance - but not a guaranteed one - that the next quest is a bauble one.

There should only be one quest running at the same time. If you have two, something went wrong.


So I’ve been having the save issue that most others have been having. I decided to experiment and apparently, the saves work as long as you save right before the quest line for frostfeast starts. I saved, then loaded it back up with no problem. I then waited until the quest started, accepted it and saved directly after. Tried loading my save back up and it crashed the game. It has something to do with the beginning of the quest line, not quite sure what it might be though. I’m going to experiment for a while and try to find out exactly what’s wrong.


Update: So, after experimenting a bit more, I saved as soon as the man started talking. The first sentence, I pressed escape, saved the game then tried to reload it. Might be a small error with the quest start-up itself conflicting with some base files or stonehearth or something.
I disabled every mod and started with a clean install of stonehearth, so I’m not sure what could possibly be causing the issue. I have a few more things I want to try before throwing in the ropes.


If you undeploy the firepit at the start of your save, you can reload it again. Worked for me and so happy about it


I’m a little late, but allow me to extend a massive thank you to @froggy and @repeatpan. You’ve outdone yourselves this time on so many levels. Not only that you’ve successfully increased the ability and scope of stonehearth as mentioned by Stephanie. I personally cannot thank you guys enough for the amazing work y’all have done for the community with this particular mod and all the rest of the mods/art etc.



Edit: A new update can be found on the dev blog NOW!

We are hoping that @brad will be able to upload it to the dev blog before they go on a well deserved winter break.

This release fixes the following features…

Windows 7 load fix. (Thank you @not_owen_wilson for the assist )
Fixes an issue where in late game, the game would lag allowing players to double click (or quadruple click…) the accept dialogue before the window closed which would subsequently start a (broken) multiple encounter.
Fixes the LOD issue where some trees would appear to have lost their snow when zoomed out.
Adds a hand hold quest for players who go off track.