Frostfeast game crash on savefiles ( even in fresh installed game)

Hi there,

downloaded the frostfeast mod and started a fresh game on latest alpha 19. Everything looks very nice and its a joy to play.

There is just a little set back, you can’t seem to load a previously saved fresh game with this mod. Stonehearth starts just like always but you can’t continue and you can’t load any savefiles. After removing the mod i’m able to open the saved games that were not played while this mod was active. Any savefiles where this mod was running are still crashing the game

It would be saddening if the savefiles were broken meaning that you will have to do the entire campaign in one go if you wanted to do every part. Hopefully is can be fixed. Added the crash file and stoneheearth log file. Also included the savefile i wanted to load.

used mods

Wind7 64bits
16gig ddr3 mem
nvidia vid card GTX 650

stonehearth.log (18.2 KB)
crash.dmp (171.2 KB) (5.6 MB)

I’ve experienced crashes in larger save games myself, but never in smaller ones. However, others were able to load those save files just well, so it wasn’t evaluated further and assumed it was my computer.

I’ll still stand by my word that if my i7-3770K, 16 GB RAM and a 1080 GTX aren’t enough to load a 45 MB save, then something is majorly broken.

Can you load smaller saves, e.g. new game, save, load?

From my side, there is absolutely nothing I can do. Your logfile seems similar to those I’ve had when I’ve crashed.

The mod works fine and so does your save game at least on my unmodded (except for FF) machine.

You’re loading terrain_colors? Not sure what that is, but I’m assuming its what you used for the winter effect and I guess that it edits the terrain colors of a biome that doesn’t exist when FF is loaded.

FF does a lot of tweaking to biomes. Any biome editing mod is a no no.

If that doesn’t fix the issue then you are having the same loading issues the RP had - which … hmm… is a computer specific issue when loading mods? Hell if I know. Either way - not sure this is a FF issue as it works as intended for me.

I believe that terrain_colors is the Slabs with terrain colors mod. It only adds new slab colors to the building editor, it doesn’t make any changes to biomes.

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True, I’ve downloaded the slab mod by Relyss and the save still continues to load. It’s a weird one

removed the Stonehearth installation, removed all remaining files in the map. Placed a fresh install true steam on my pc. Added only the frostfeast mod. See what happens in the video :slight_smile:

Side note, have not had any issues before with mod loading, either biome related or just adding some nice things. Candle dark did not give any loading issues either.

Got an update, not sure how much clearer the issue gets but i tested a lot and found out that starting a fresh game (peacefull ascending tested) and saving directly works to let me reload the save. However the moment anything is done like placing storage area or going true the quest start up message you can no longer reload any new saves made with this mod active. Took down raya mod part and even debugtools part. In both cases the result are the same as i just wrote down

@Relyss the issue has been found and a (temp) solution in place :slight_smile: Guess for now this report can be marked as fixed :slight_smile:

Oh, here: Game crashing on loading save - Frostfeast mod
I see. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile: