Winter textures

So… How can I get rid of this winter crap? Its really bad I think, too white and boring, I want the green colorful one!


Sounds like you have the frostfeast mod installed,

To remove it using steam:

Right click Stonehearth in your Steam library. Click “Properties”
Click the “Local Files” tab, then click the “Browse Local Files…” button
Go to the “mods” folder and remove the frostfeast.smod there

if you’re using humble bundle:

you should find an Stonehearth icon on your desktop, right click it, and select open file location, then you should see a file called mods, then you can click on that and remove the frostfeast.smod,

There is another way of finding the humble bundle location, I just can’t remember it,

Anyway, I hope that resolves your issue.


Thanks so much, finally :smiley:

No problem! Enjoy the green terrain :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… When deleting it, my game crashes on load :frowning:

Sorry, I should have mentioned at the bottom (it slipped my mind) when you remove the frostfeast mod, you’ll need to start a new world, or re-install the mod to use the existing world. The mod adds things that the game can’t find I believe which makes it incompatible with the basic non modded version of stonehearth. The awesome people who made the mod said you can’t switch between the mod and stuff

Hope that helped,


Ah, thanks once again :slight_smile: Lucky I havent gotten far

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Pssst…alternatively, if you want to keep Frostfeast (but not its colours), there is a way to edit the files of the mod to get the original terrain colours.

(I may or may not have done this before because…it’s too white outside, it doesn’t need to be white on my screen, too…)