Desktop Tuesday: Weather



Other Announcements

Stream should happen as usual on Thursday at 6:00pm PST. See you there!


Shut up and take my money…



So, we can all agree that a24 will be the best update?


I think I should quit modding this game.




(eclipses? sorry I am a astronomy enthousiast )


Whaaaaaatttt!! Best DT ever! Ahahaha such a “cool” surprise! My eyes are all “wet” and “foggy” by joy! This news simply “blew” me away!
Go Go Go team Stonehearth, great job on this. Cant wait to try it out, thank you :sunny: :jubilant::heartpulse:


FWIW, adding new weather types as a mod should be super easy.


Seasons have been discussed half a dozen times in the past by those of us here. What are y’alls plans for how this would work, and how would farming change?

If they deliver, then yes. If it turns into another “This is what we want / are working on and will get to it eventually”, well…
Sorry, but until it’s fully delivered, I hold my reserve.

With all the changes taking place, especially the building editor, I’ve actually stepped back for a bit myself.


We don’t have any concrete plans for how seasons will work yet.

Weather is not a someday features. It’s going out in the next unstable build.


Nice, expect tropical cyclones in the Archipelago :smirk:


I’m sure @SirAstrix didn’t mean to “rain on your parade” and we’re so glad you aren’t just “fair-weather developers” I see “sunny skies ahead” and may the “wind be ever in your favor”

I’ll see myself out.


Any plans to implement this more advanced weather forecast system?


Jokes aside, our poor hearthlings will need umbrellas.


No, I know that, but I wasn’t refering to just weather. @BrunoSupremo said A24 was going to be the best Alpha yet, and I was saying that we need to wait and see. In the past, we’ve seen streams and the such of what’s going to be in what alpha, and then it didn’t happen, or didn’t happen to the fullest that it was described.

Honestly, I’m excited with all the changes shown for A24, and hope there’s documentation on all of it for modders. At the same time, I don’t want to get myself all hyped up and be let down in the end.


I hope it will be easy to detect current weather via Lua so weather-dependent features can be modded (weather sensor could be useful).

I am somewhat sad that there’s no temperature, I was hoping to add warmth and dehydration so Lings require heat sources in the winter and drinks in the summer and link it with crop growth rate so certain plants grow faster in preferred conditions.


Except for some graphical support, weather is pure Lua. There’s a weather service that maintains the current and upcoming weather states which you can examine and react to. A weather type itself is a JSON with metadata for common weather effects (e.g. hearthling thoughts, plant growth factors, etc.), an optional server controller that can do whatever it wants while active (e.g. spawn lightning bolts), and an optional client renderer that can handle visuals that have no gameplay effects (e.g. gusts of wind).


I love that you guys are transparent but still not so transparent that you can’t surprise us with things like this, that we weren’t expecting to see for a long time yet. :star_struck:
I’ve never been so happy about bad weather!! :rofl:

About the snow. Is it just changing the color of the voxel or will it eventually add height as well? If not, do you aim to add that at some point?
Is the snow added in such a way that it would be possible for hearthlings and other creatures to leave tracks? I’m not thinking footprints necessarily, just that they have a negative effect on the snow amount on the voxels they are walking over.

Looks like @BrunoSupremo’s sweeper class might become more useful than he expected. :wink:


Currently snow is all smoke and mirrors, so no height, and no obvious way to leave tracks. Sorry!


Like, when will it be raining frogs :frog: :umbrella:?




Are these weather effects also (going to be) linked to the AI of the hearthlings and animals. Building a barn in a part of an animal zone in case of rain and snow is nice, but seeing all animals stand outside would be very frustrating and immersion breaking.

Also, does this mean the winter worker outfit finally gets a use: preventing/limiting slowdowns in rain and snow?