Alpha 24.4 feedback thread

Prepare your rain coats and your winter thingies, because weather is about to get crazy!

As you all know, Alpha 24.4 (aka. release 811) has come, and brought the unexpected! As well as some other things.

This is a generic feedback thread for this release (as well as some other things). So let’s get going…


Yes, so much yes! This new feature is the absolute star of this release, and it rocks.

From what I have seen so far, the hearthlings seem to randomly get a positive or negative thought for any given weather condition. Even nasty weather gives positive thoughts to some! The same person who hated a specific condition can like it the next time it reoccurs.

Fog is this misteriously misty thing that sometimes comes to pester us all. One would think that a heavy fog might be more… noticable. But really, I was only able to tell there’s fog, because the forecast thing told me so. Though, admittedly, I wasn’t paying that much attention, and I was focused on telling my folks what to do.

Oh, and the mist beholds some surprises for us, too! Undead. They do nothing, really… some lonely zombies standing around. Generally not that interesting, just a touch of surprise. It’s really cool that they come, but they should perhaps also leave when the fog ends. Right now they don’t seem to..

Undeads in the mist brings up a different topic, though… Undead in the night. When the undead were first added, it was presented as a “spooky threat to our people in the night,” but apart of a couple random zombies, goblins and orks and the like still seem to rule the night.


  • This nasty bastard struck one of my poor hearthlings for 40 damage!

  • Trees that are struck by lightning instantly get dematerialized, and turned into wood to be collected manually.

    • This may bring up a concern though… what about all the scattered wood that remains and are not collected? The reason, that we were told, that is behind the “hard cap” of inventory space is so that there won’t be infinite piles of items scattered all over, hindering performance. Given enough thunderstorms, a considerable number of unattended items may be left behind.

    • Lightnings hit trees at an alarming rate, which further adds to the concern listed above.

  • I imagine a thunderstorm can become a really, really nasty thing in hard mode early game. If it hits before we get healers, and happens to hit our only footman while he/she fends off some nasty zombie… well…

Santa Claus might be just around the corner. Ho! Ho! Ho!

  • Overall, not a big deal. It slows our hearthlings, which may be a minor nuance when we’re in a hurry to get something done. But no biggie.

  • The “snow” accumulates over time on top of things (though, a few things don’t seem to get snow, like the weaver’s loom and things). In my opinion, it’s perhaps a bit too translucent, and should be a bit more whiteish.

  • I wish hearthlings could make use of those winter coats our weavers can craft, and that could perhaps negate the slowing effect.

Let’s continue with some general throughts about the progression update:

  • Rayya’s Children and Ascendancy get the same bonuses

    • This isn’t necessarily an issue, though it would be a bit more interesting if we had to deal with different bonuses when playing a different kingdom.
  • Hearth of the Makers? More like Hearth of the Bankers!

    • I should have thought of this in my previous big feedback post when it was first out. To me it seems a bit odd that this hearth deals with “making” by putting our money into an invisible bank. This really is a minor issue, it just bothers me more than it should.
  • The shrine names for RC don’t match with the recipes at the potter.

The Ever-burning Flame and the merchant who never came

Ah, yes… so this is a story worthy of its own category in this post.

So my first playthrough earlier today was with Rayya’s Children, and so I breezed through the first two progress tiers, only to arrive at the third, and face this decision…

I decided I want legendary weapons.

The thing is… the recipe to craft the shrine includes things like sunflowers and fox lilies. Here comes problems.

  • Where do they come from?
    • They aren’t in the map, so the only logical way would be to wait for a merchant who has the seeds or the plants themselves.

Sound easy, huh? Yeah… so I sat in front of the game, letting it roll forward in speed 3… merchants came and merchants went. Nobody had the things.

This went on for a loooong time. Eventually I got my 30th Hearthling. Had I chosen to craft a different shrine, I would have been done hours ago. At this point, I did what every reasonable person would have done after spending a long and frustrating time in front of the game. I quit.

  • The primary problem here is that the only source of the materials to complete this as RC are traders. But traders are super unreliable. This needs to be looked into, otherwise a lot of folks might get frustrated and disappointed.

  • Furthermore, nothing indicates how one is supposed to come across these misterious sunflowers and fox lilies. A perfect way to confuse new players who have no idea what’s going on. Besides… Is there even a merchant who sells them?

Ultimately, I never got to check out the Tier 3 music, which is a shame. Hopefully I get around to do it eventually.

Still, I have turned back my in-game music, which I don’t usually do. Then, when the first monsters attacked, I was instantly reminded why I turned it off in the first place…

The music that goes on in peace time is generally nice. But the combat music is way off… So repetitive and so obtrusive. Plus every random goblin that comes in sight of my town triggers the thing. Arrgh!

Please, add an option to the settings to let us disable combat music.

Random things

These may not be related to this release, but I took note of them during the playthrough to try it, so here they are.

  • Why is the Cancel Tasks command’s icon a broom? Doesn’t seem to make any sense.

  • Having played through RC (as mentioned above) after having ignored them for a long time, I’d like to point a few minor gripes

    • The default tier 1 blueprints of Rayya’s Children are just soooo much better and prettier than Ascendancy’s!
      • The tier 1 (non-crafter) buildings of Ascendancy are so bland and boring in comparison. Some of them don’t even have plenty enough windows, so those inside complain about things being cramped. They really could use a revision.
      • Plus Ascendancy doens’t even have their versions of many crafter workshops that RC has, like the Mason’s shop and a kitchen!! RC has a default kitchen building, as an Ascendancy fan, I’m so jealous.
  • RC goblin campaign and Mer Burlyhands

    • Whatever is Mer Burlyhands (the Ascendancy herald guy) doing in the desert, pestering RC people about refugees?
    • Why are there Ascendancy refugees in the desert?
    • Note that this only became a relevant issue after the progression quest/lore were added.

So that’s all I’ve got for now…

I welcome everyone to leave their own feedback for the update below. (As well as feedback about other feedbacks.)


Thunders happen way too often during storms. Feels a bit apocalyptic.

I also had a couple UI errors, but I’m not sure if that’s only me.


Great feedback and i hope most of what you pointed out will be adressed by the devs.

Now i want to play a RC game… :sunny:


The devs secretly added an angry Thor with this update, that’s the only explanation for the ridiculous amount of lightning my Hearthlings are getting hit by whenever there’s a thunderstorm.

They can’t go two minutes without feeling the wrath of the thunder god whenever they’re outside.


Some battles are more epic than others, more urgent than others, so the game’s music should reflect that IMO. I think you should have different battle music for the lonely goblin than for an army siege. (That’s a bit of a big range, I know, but you get where I’m going.)


I think you should have different battle music for the lonely goblin than for an army siege

I like how that sounds. Probably something like Zelda, that music of “you are near an enemy”, which is slow and…well, menacing, just “a little bit of evil”. Wind Waker comes to mind.


If this is a bug, it needs to be left to be a feature that gets expanded on.

I’m sorry, but with the way you typed that, I had to read it in a Scottish accent.Gave me a good laugh.

This was also done back before any real optimization was done as well as before chests and crates. Should be better now.

I thought it was a paint brush…


To further @CrazyCandy’s remark on the Thunderstorms, in addition to the item issue, there is also the issue of re-population of landscaping trees. As far as I have seen, trees do not organically regrow themselves and any trees placed grow to maximum size over time (something that non-planted trees do not) which causes an irrecoverable loss of landscaping.

A player over a long play though will either see their forest depopulated or only populated by mono-sized trees without variation. While this is not a game mechanics issue, as you can still get wood, the forest’s esthetics are lost.


Feedback vol.2

  • Hearth of Glory level up notifications stay in the notification panel

    • Having them stay there is an annoyance, since clicking them doesn’t show anything else and only makes it disappear. Plus when doing multiple levels in quick succession, they really can pile up…
  • Too many giant zombies spawn for Hearth of Glory encounters, and it turns the scene into a gigantic clusterfuck where we can’t really see anything.

    • It would be better if the giant ones would be reserved to be “bosses” for every 10th stage, and they would have some special abilities, more health, and better loot.
    • Rather than having tons of big zombies, it would be better if the little ones gradually grew stronger, would learn some abilities, and other stuff.
    • Zombies get old rather quickly. Some variation would be nice.
  • Hearth of Glory disturbs the peace of the town, and so we are forced to put the hearth (that is supposed to be a central thing to our town) to a remote area.

    • Even though the army is in perfect control of the situation, citizens panic at the sight of zombies. They get “feared for my life” thought, and cover in fear wasting a ton of time they should have spent on their work.
  • After completing tier 3, Mer Burlyhand says we’ll eventually be able to complete the others too. I am going to assume this is not yet implemented, since nowhere it was mentioned. Nevertheless, it’s awesome news!

  • Harvesting wax plants yields only wax plant seeds and nothing else. Why bother harvesting them then?

  • Weapon merchant comes too late. By the time it unlocks in Tier 2, most of us will already have a blacksmith, especially if we go for Hearth of Glory. If anything, the bronze weapons should be offered to us in tier 1 (perhaps at a premium price?)

Hearth of Glory loot is overkill

I think that screenshot is quite self-explanatory. This is the loot from like 4 or 5 rounds, and it’s a bit messy. Getting to glory level 50 yields enough gold and silvers bars, and gold flakes that is more than we can ever possibly use, and it will take a ton of merchants to finally get rid of it all.

Iron is the new gold

Pretty much all of the new stuff (for the valor shrine that is) requires iron or steel to make. The problem is, iron is super scarce. Mining seems to yield far more silver and gold than iron, which further adds to our abundance of gold (and silver).

It’s almost like Team Radiant has forgotten that other metals existed.

  • Oh, a new brazier? What should it be made of? Hmm… I know! Iron.
  • Ooo! A new statue! Let’s add some iron to the recipe.
  • We haven’t used iron in a while… let’s add some new decor to the blacksmith.

One would think that with new merchants unlocked at tier 3 we might be able to buy iron (since we got like tons of gold), but nah… “Here’s this tier 1 carpenter guy 3 times in a row. Enjoy!”

"Your super famous settlement will now attract all the best merchants near and far"

You bet! One guy a day, like it always has been, and most of the times it’s a tier 1 fellow. The way traders and merchants work is in grave need of a serious overhaul. More things to do for the future, I guess!

At the least, for the moment, it would be nice if the Market Stall merchant would sell all of the basic materials in slightly bigger amounts (wood, stone, fiber, ores, etc…).

Furthermore, I would personally never ever buy decoration that my regular crafters can craft, unless they are purple or better quality. Which they never are.


Here’s the Ascendancy set for those who haven’t seen them yet.

  • At first glance, it becomes obvious that copy/paste was involved in the making, since the level requirements match that of the former best weapons’ and circlet’s. Also, the sword and the circlet attack/defense is the same as the former best sword’s and circlet’s

  • I was able to get the circlet crafted, but sadly, since the defense is the same as the Steel Circlet’s, my cleric wasn’t overly thrilled about it. I didn’t get around to finish a sword, but I imagine my footmen wouldn’t be very amused either.

  • The final step (the assembly) of the legendary shield is given to the mason. It’s seems odd, and feels like that this was done so only for the sake of having the mason involved.

  • The models look nice and (thankfully) there are no sparkly effects involved.

  • Currently, they are like any other weapon/armor, except they have fancy names. Hopefully, perhaps, in the future other effects will be added to them apart of their normal stats. Like bonus to health, faster move and attack speed, etc…

  • Hopefully more legendary stuff will be added in the future.

The twin statues of "what’s going on here?"

Apparently, holding the shield in the left hand is slightly more appealing than holding it in the right. But those who hold it in the right are apparently slightly more valuable.

Varanuses went to vacation

Please, Team Radiant, do have a look at their spawn rates! Especially late game.

A town rename option would be nice

When I began this playthrough and the weird chicken arrived, I was so focused on picking out my favorite banner that I totally forgot I was supposed to name my town. I’m sure this is gonna happen to a lot of us, so it would be nice if a rename option was implemented.


If you have read through the OP, then you are already aware of my relationship with fox lilies and sunflowers and frostsnap flowers… In a nutshell… the RC tier 3 shrine needed these, and I waited for a ton of time for them to arrive. They never did.

Look who visited my Ascendancy town!


Absolutely LOVE the weather effects, they make such a huge difference. Personally didn’t mind the sound for any of em. I’ve found them all to be rather soothing actually, even the thunderstorms kinda reminded me of those sleep machines folks use lol. I didn’t check, but if they haven’t put in sound options for ambient sounds there should be.

I can confirm that Thunderstorms in Hard Mode are very painful without a healer lol. I was having them build a 5-story apartment building and the dining area wasn’t complete. Lighting struck the ground near my hearthlings multiple times over the course of the day and managed to catch em a few times when they were grouped up eating. They were all at full health at the start of the day and ended day with almost all of em missing around a quarter health, a handful missing around half health, and a few with less than half. It was striking so often I checked to make sure this wasn’t acid rain or something lol.

Sandstorms are brutal. Not only do they damage hearthlings, but they also damage mobs, critters, and crops. I watched it several times to see the effect and it seemed like they wiped out about half of my crops. Felt decent, sets ya back a bit without it being a hearth shattering calamity.

The new merchants are great. Love the variety!!


On a sidenote: I just love your road pattern!


After reading this, I feel that some wood should drop from a tree when it’s struck, which is removed from the total amount you’d get if you chop it down, but the look of the tree shouldn’t change. Just my 2 cents.

Actually…in my own mod, I can contest to this. I look at what things are made of, and what their core would be, and it’s majority iron when compared to the real life equivalent. Not making an excuse, just sharing how I see it.

I want to say this option used to exist, back when we could rename our Troop Groups (can’t think of the correct name). It used to be that you’d just open the town journal and change it.

White noise machines.


That is something i really miss! It gave such a personal touch, to name the combatgroups. I wonder why that was scrapped? At the moment it seems that even the template names have something going on with the names… I hope they come around to have a look at all that in the future! :slight_smile:


I’d also like to see all hearthlings in a combat group listed together on the town member list too with their own separate options. That way if I want to have em start hauling stuff I could click the button to turn off all their jobs without it affecting my crafters/gatherers.


Thanks for all this in-depth feedback! We’ll get cracking on some changes and balance tweaks. For a start, I’ll nerf thunderstorms, buff high tier trader chances, and switch some of the Glory drops to other metals.