Alpha 24.6 Now on Steam Unstable

Alpha 24.6 Now on Steam Unstable

Why embark once when you can do it twice?
The main feature in this unstable release is the new Re-embarkation system. About a week after you finish the town progression quest line, you will get the option of selecting up to 3 of your hearthlings to leave the town and found a new settlement elsewhere.

The hearthlings departing your town can also take up to 10 items with them, including bags of gold or a shred of the current town’s banner, which will carry its town bonus over with you.

Once the new adventurers have departed, you will be able to select them when starting a new town, from the same screen where you select your initial characters.

Additionally, as part of this change, we have reduced the number of hearthlings you start with to 5, as 7 makes it hard to treat and remember your people as individuals, rather than as a group of units to do your bidding.

Question: Does it start your new Hearthling requirement from the same point from 5 as it did with 7?


No, it starts lower and you reach the same requirements when you get to 7.


The levels of fog/atmosphere scattering seems a tad intense. It’d be nice to have it pretty hazy at night and early morning, then have it “burn away” pretty quickly. At night it makes it lovely and mysterious, your little lights make it feel like a cosy town. And those snowstorms make me feel cold, I have to zoom into a warm little house to feel better!

FEATURE REQUEST - Double clicking on workshops to bring up the crafting menu. I quite like being able to click on workshops to bring up the build menu, feels good seeking out the actual workshop instead of just opening up a menu. But currently you have to click the workshop in the world then mouse all the way over to the bottom left to open the crafting menu. I think a double click to bring up the menu would feel super satisfying.


though i haven’t played this update yet, i like the sound this idea

suggested this ages ago, still would love to have it (and still double click out of instinct sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: )


There’s also a shortcut to open the crafting menu from the hearthling being selected, but not vice versa. Frequently when I have 15+ hearthlings in my town, I need to track down a crafter to check how their crafting level is progressing or see why it’s taking so long to craft something. The hearthling list takes a few seconds to load, plus I have to scroll through (or sort, either way it’s another few seconds) to find them. It would be nice if crafters, their crafting menus, and workshops were all more cohesively linked, such that you could easily select or move between all the related entities/UIs for a given craft, not just the limited, directional jumping from selected crafter to crafting menu.

Speaking of how long it takes to load the hearthling list: I assume that’s because when you have a lot of them and their task manager is chugging along, it takes a while to query that task manager to inform the user what they’re currently doing? Because everything else in that view should be extremely static, and the vast majority of the time I want to open the list, I don’t care about what everyone is currently doing: I want to either select a single hearthling and see what they’re doing, what their profession level is, change their profession, etc., or I want to toggle a bunch of military hearthlings’ “Job” settings*.

*Which is another major inefficiency: I have to open the list and manually click all of my idle military hearthlings to get them to haul things, and then do it again if there’s an enemy around; patrolling is nice, but it would be really good to have a “peaceful” setting for military groups so that in addition to move/attack/patrol/defend, you could tell the group to just help out the town while there aren’t any threats.

Sorry, one thing just leads to another…


And the sorting system in the hearthling list… i always wonder why i cant sort them after proffesion…
When i need to look for a worker to promote, they are scattered all over the list, the combat units likewise…

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You can. Click on the scroll icon to the left of the name.


Perfect, thank you Max! I knew i needed to make that apointment at the optician :slight_smile:


Added today/tomorrow/day after tomorrow labels to the weather forecast.

overmorrow is the word you’re looking for.


I know! I really wanted to use it, but alas, it isn’t standard English. Speaking of which, would you like to sign my petition to reintroduce “whence” into standard modern parlance?


Sure. Let it come back from whence it went.

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We should totally use overmorrow - unless @Sweet tells us that players can’t figure out the sequence: Today, Tomorrow, … [queue Final Jeopardy music]

After all, our domestic fowl are called poyos; and the months of the year are: Bittermun, Deepmun, Dewmun, Rainmun, Growmun, Goldmun, Feastmun, Warmun, Newmun, Azuremun, Hearthmun, and Northmun.

And just for the sake of completeness, Chinese actually has a standard word for overmorrow:
Today: 今天
Tomorrow: 明天
Overmorrow: 後天


Good point.
Reminds me of the once, twice, trice sequence.

Sorry guys, just wanted to recheck if this version contains new building construction model?

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It doesn’t STAY sorted though, which drives me wild !_!


Hi, when you design a building and select the furniture icon, the item that you have in store display only but the stuff that the carpenter can make does not appear.

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I have mixed feelings about this re-embark thing. (Yes, yes, I’m a difficult person to satisfy, I know.)

It’s a good thing that we can finally unlock every recipe. It’s also good that we’re no longer locked to one banner bonus. (Though with the Hearth and Shrine we’re still locked.)

  • However, this potentially turns the early game into one massive grind where we burn through the progression quest twice before we finally arrive to the point where can finally begin building the city of our dreams.

  • The message this carries, when Mer Burlyhand visits us a week after getting the Shrine done is a bit… weird. Like, “Hey bro! It’s an amazing city you’ve got here. Now it’s time to pick your three best guys, scrap the whole thing, and start over.”

  • It also raises the concerns of lost data. Say, you’ve finally got your recipes, got your dream-team assembled, ready to build your magnificent city… Then, bam… Your Potato PC™ dies on you and you lose all your saves. Sucks to be you, I guess. Time to start over.

    • Yes, yes, even before this we would have had to start over if we lost our save. BUT! Before re-embark, we could have just started building our dreams right from the very beginning. Now we have to grind through the same quest twice for maximum benefits.

Other issues:

  • Sending off the three Hearthlings actually removes those three Hearthlings. This makes sense. But what’s the point? The team shows up when we next start a new game, and if we wish to continue this old game, for whatever reason, we can just load the most recent save with the three guys still with us.

  • It should be noted somewhere that all hearthlings get to keep their currently equipped things. Would save a lot of headache for many of us who don’t take such things for granted. (Essentially, it’s more than 10 items we carry over.)

  • When Mer first arrives, it is possible to select the banner which we carried over. It should be noted somewhere that the banner’s bonus does not stack with itself.

  • The notification of the re-embark stays there in the notification panel and glares at us like an angry orange eye, telling us, “What the hell are you doing? Quit this lousy town already!” Perhaps a thing of such magnitude would deserve its own place somewhere in the GUI.

  • The 7 days wait time for re-embark is a bit… unnecessary. If we wouldn’t re-embark, we wouldn’t do it 7 days later. But if we would, there’s a good chance we began the game with re-embark in mind, and the wait is just an annoying filler, sitting back, waiting in fast-forward mode.

I do know it’s possible to build a magnificent city without the banner bonuses (and even without the extra recipes.) But there’s the knowledge which keeps pushing at the back of your mind. Knowing that all this could be slightly easier if you had bonus X too and then bonus Y too…

Unlocking all bonuses must be difficult. That, I can agree with. But, the way this is headed… that I can’t get behind.

I’m not saying to scrap re-embark. No. It’s a great feature, I do love that it removes a lot of rerolls at the start of a new game, and that I get to keep my favorite guys (each of whom I will now train to max level in every class to have my perfect super-troopers.)

However, it would have been far more elegant if unlocking the bonuses (and recipes) could have been achieved without scrapping our town.

The Suggestion:

Mer Burlyhands, at the end of the Shrine-celebration, said that at some point we will be able to unlock the other two Shrines. You see, having to scrap your town isn’t exactly what that implies.

I suggest that when the re-embark thing comes up, it should offer us two paths to go along.

  1. Quit the town and start anew with your favorite folks.
  2. Keep going and have Mer Burlyhands offer us difficult quests to tackle for the bonuses
  • Also keep the re-embarkment as an option to choose whenever we fancy.

Getting the other banners could be quite straight-forward: A quest to gather X, defeat X, satisfy the bunny god, etc…

As for the Hearths. Why can’t we just build all three, and then pick whichever is the active one (switching would induce a cooldown.)

The Shrines…
Of the three Shrines, only the random-buff one comes with a “real bonus,” the other two just puts two massive features (masterwork craft and legendaries) behind a choice wall.

We could come up with a billion things to address this, for one…

  • We could have masterworks and legendaries a “non-choice” unlockable thing, separate from the progression quest.
  • Each Shrine could have its own set of random buffs, and, like with my suggestion of Hearths, we could choose which one is active.

Well, this is all I had for now…


The thing is your dream town is always going to have an expiration, period. Once the campaign is done and you’ve built this magical place you’re pretty much gonna just be there watching your hearthlings live their lives. You may tweak some buildings and fuss over plant placement to get it juuuuuust right, but that’s only gonna get ya so far. While there is absolutely nothin’ wrong with that (people get sea monkeys and ant farms after all), the majority of folks are gonna get bored and want to start a new town. Plus, once you’ve reached that point the other bonuses aren’t gonna make that much of a difference, you’ve already finished. It’s less about having the bonuses there to help you meet objectives and get on your way and more of a completionist goal.

Personally, I think they handled it well. It gives the player incentive to continue their journey, gives the potential to get the buffs/decorations, and gives the player a sense of accomplishment for having to work for it and not just have it handed to them. Not to imply is wasn’t work to get to that crafting point anyway, but that it would be a much easier goal to achieve in an already established Tier 3 town.

I can understand how others aren’t gonna be crazy about it and consider their first 2 towns to be a rush job just for the sake of getting it done. That may seem tedious or boring, but those folks are just as likely to get bored if they could complete everything on their first play through. You can’t make folks take the time to enjoy the journey if they’re not going to. You can give them the opportunity and incentive to though, the rest is on them.

That is a good point. So towns that have sent folks off to re-embark should get something special to keep folks from doing so.

Honestly it’s not really gonna make or break my game either way. If the devs keep it, great! If the devs change it, great! I’m not losin’ sleep over it lol. Just kickin’ around thoughts.


I’m okay with it. :+1:


To go along with this. If you start the game as Ascendancy… then you restart as Raya… then you restart as northern alliance… THEN YOU RESTART AS DWARVES…

Then… then you get the Bunny people later in the campaign. (See recent twitch stream)

Boom shaka laka… you’ve collected them all.