Alpha 24.4 now on steam unstable

Weathering the storm
The main feature of this unstable release is the new Weather system. When you update your game, you’ll notice three new icons under the sun: a weather forecast showing the weather for today, tomorrow, and the day after.

Most weather focuses on creating a mood by subtly altering the visuals and audio around your town: the atmosphere, sky, sunrises and sunsets, and ambient sounds.

More severe weather types have gameplay effects, like influencing plant growth, making unsheltered citizens and animals hot or cold, destroying trees by lightning, or crops by sandstorms.

There are 9 weather types currently enabled – see if you can spot them all!

For more details, head over to this week’s Desktop Tuesday.

Read the full post for more details.


Oh boy! I’m so gonna try this right now tomorrow. But alas, now it’s time to sleep.

As for the updates on town progression and it being very close to what they had in mind… Well, I am still crossing my fingers for the prospect of being able to change our mind about the choices we make.


Switched waterfall rendering to the flat style.

I’ll be trying out the new unstable build soon, but I’m curious if someone can post an example screenshot of this in the meantime?

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Flat, not with cubemitters:


Thanks! I imagine there will be two camps here… diehards that love one or the other. I’m not sure where I sit at the moment. Leaning toward pro-cubmitter, if I’m honest. But I’ll withhold forming real opinions about it until I play with it. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have some cubemitters at the bottom to show the spray, especially for higher waterfalls. I do really like how it’s coming together in the top one, at least.


Cubemitters or no, water feels too 2D to me today. Dynamic water leveling has helped that, but water being completely flat when in motion I think is contributing to that feeling for me.


Shame there isn’t a way to make it tie to a setting; flatter water for those who need it to be less demanding (due to older machines or the like), more dynamic water with cudemitters for those who have turn it up a notch or few

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@malley and @Albert are prototyping a combined flat+cubemitter approach. Could end up being the path we take.


please consider height in your calculations of cubemitter intensity. The current falls work quite well for 1 voxel drops. It makes it feel like you could have a natural river with elevation changes, without fully having tini tiny waterfalls every layer you go down, which I’d say is a plus for such an approach.

(That is, if you onky add cubemitters at the bottom of the fall.)


Yep. The current flat water rendering is super basic just to get it out there. We’re working on enhanced waterfall VFX which will show motion, water volume, and splashing.


Much. Excite.


And separately, you should also now notice that the interface between two merging water bodies is no longer a bright blue.


Thank you Team Radiant! I never expected to get weather this soon after DT! Buying this game was the best purchase i have made, so far.


I am checking out the new unstable, I have a quick question;

Does the Wooden Safety Standard that the carpenter makes have an appeal? if so, it is partially shown but cannot find out how much of one it has. Please check.

By the way LOVE the new Icons. :heart:



  • Waterfalls a blend of flat with some spray cubes should look great!
  • It rains way too much for a desert :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Reeeeeally love that the dialogue now appears gradually, makes it much more story-like! Perhaps you might consider tieing in these core moments with “cutscenes” by which I mean the camera can fly over to the fox (in this instance) and you could have some actual animations to match what is being told. This wouldn’t be terribly intrusive and would massively help add to the feeling of a bit of a story taking place. I think it’d be a great compromise that added a bit more weight to what was going on, whilst still not being a game that rips control away from the player and says HERE, EXPOSITION! every 30 seconds.
  • The clapping sounds is cool, however having bodily sounds but no hearthling speech (even simglish style) is a bit disconcerting
  • It would be very nice to have a 2x2x2 cube for mining selection, as well as being able to drag selections vertically
  • For an underground town, choosing the buff to mining drops is very much OP and a bit of a nuisance. I’ve gone from complaining about clay scarcity in the past to DROWNING IN CLAY AND STONE! I think 20% would be a good bonus to mining drops, not 50%!
  • Again with the underground town, it would be nice to see underground get darker and lights to stay lit underground.
  • Please can we get more thingos and doodads for Rayyas Children. I have built my first underground town, and it’s really fun to put items into little niches you put into the walls. I’m sure some of the devs have played Zelda BotW, look to the Gerudo building interiors to see all the beautiful cloth and books and metal doodads that would look very pretty in a “desert” setting. To tie into this, perhaps a buff or something that the player could select to allow hearthlings to mine 3 blocks away from them. Having just a tiny bit more reach would allow for much easier/better installing of window holes and such for underground towns. Also please give us a horizontal selection of windows to use as skylights.
  • When in Slice view, for underground town players, the little “Z level” window you select your layer to slice to sticks out of the UI in a distracting manner. Just a little annoyance that currently sticks around all the time.
  • Now I’ve finally built an underground town (where you don’t choose most of the decor whilst you’re planning the building) I have to say I wish there was a system to place furniture you hadn’t built yet. So instead of a “place furniture” window showing what you had in your town inventory, an “order furniture” window showing every item your town was currently capable of crafting which would then be automatically ordered once you placed the ghost of the item. That way players can place all the shmaltz they like around the place quickly and easily and not have to run back to individual crafting windows all the time to order a few items.


  • Clay wall lanterns have started “dropping off” I don’t know if it’s when I load up a save, but they randomly seem to change placement to on the floor below where they used to be hanging. Try using longer nails?
  • Workshop placement - the arrow indicating use position doesn’t match where the hearthling will stand whilst using the workshop in every case. Potter wheel and spinning wheel comes to mind. If workshop allows the hearthling to use it from many angles, either multiple arrows to show this or a bubble used to indicate would be good.
  • Sandstorm damaged my hearthlings in their underground fortress, also seemingly damaged my front door (clay mine door)
  • Damaged items having a HP bubble that never goes away is annoying
  • I purchased an item from a trader, and it placed the item on the top of the mountain over my town.
  • My potter built a nice (blue diamond) clay resource container and it appeared in my “place furniture” menu, but no such item exists in my inventory…
  • I have some of the tall, tan clay windows on a ground floor wall between my storeroom and the outside world. Hearthlings just walk through them to get outside! My home has gaping holes in its defensive layout! Not cool! EDIT - I just put some window flower boxes in front of the windows and now the hearthlings trample on the flowers as they come and go! HEARTHLIIIIINGS! >: (
  • Early pepple raids spawning on hilltops, so they can’t get me and just stand around :smiley:
  • Inconsistent wording, quest to upgrade hearth wants “Merry” hearthlings, but hearthlings can be “Content”
    Probably a balance issue too, my town has lots of cooked food and every room is crammed with aesthetically pleasing decorations yet I can barely ever get anyone out of neutral. The only other thing I’m yet to do is give everyone their own bed, but that feels like it should be “necessary” much later than the first hearth upgrade. Possibly the lack of nicer beds for Rayya is making it hard?

It’s amazing how quickly these entirely game-changing and atmosphere enhancing details are being added now a lot of the core systems have been worked on more!


I believe there was an applause sound effect after promoting Hearthlings at least at one point, so I’m pretty used to them being able to clap and also mostly being silent.

I think I’d find it more disconcerting if they did have voices, because they don’t have any mouths!


No point posting here any more

You are talking about building right?

We know how long the new builder is going to take, chris said it in his recent stream. Seeing as we will have to wait that time however you look at it, and seeing as there are people in Radiant not being able to speed up the builder-development process, wouldn’t you want those dev’s to make progress in other areas in the mean time?


No point posting here any more

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