Desktop Tuesday: Weather



Will the cook be able to craft a big drink using say 20 of either berries or cactus fruit or watermelon like “Keg of Melonaide” to give your Hearthlings a town wide buff when the heat gets oppressive that could be used to temporarily remove the overheated/whatever it’s called debuff?

Can we fill our hearthlings with hot soup to make it through those cold winter days?

I am so excited!!


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Monsoons, hurricanes, and tidal waves…get to work Mr.! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh wait, wonder if you could modify and recolor the sandstorm effect to act as the tidal wave



That is all.


I do hope the weather uses some useful state system (Markov chains are beautiful for that) to decide upon the weather forecast, and not just mere random()-ness.


Very surprised on this Desktop Tuesday, I’m really excited to see the new builder and weather system in the next update. Also, I remember back in May you guys talked about changing the mood for nights, has that went into affect yet or still planned?


@ayazar did use a bunch of the tech from that prototype to implement support for all the weather effects that we added, and we have a better lighting/atmosphere/fog/skybox system now, but I think he has more stuff that he wants to add in the future.


and there goes my processor… again.



These kind of jokes really ‘brighten’ the discussion.

See it from the bright side, @Pawel_Malecki, now you have something to mod in. I agree with this though, although what we have now is already a good bit of work, so I understand it’s not in. But seeing as we will also get the northern alliance, and since we got hints again that they want seasons, it would be weird to leave a temperature system out of the game.

Overall I think this is a great way to make the world come alive. I look forward to seeing it.


No point posting here any more


My only complaint is that you guys missed a perfect opportunity to go back and use the old tradition of playing the_Zarathustra_ theme as fanfare for the major new feature being teased. It would have been perfect to have a few super-fast days pass, and then a different coloured sunrise dawning, with rain slowly starting as the fanfare roared to life… you should be giving these sorts of features the proper, glorious introduction they deserve @sdee :stuck_out_tongue:

The way that the DT describes weather sounds really awesome though. Of course there’s room for more refinement in the fiture, but it sounds like a great blend between gameplay effect and fun narrative and cosmetic touches. I agree that weather will also mark the passage of time better, helping make sure the days don’t just blend into each other (something that I’ve felt happening currently) and giving a deeper sense of achievement when we can easily shelter all our hearthlings from rain or snow for the first time.


Well once yall are finished linking seasons, this will be great to remember the months by. Things are looking up or down… Depending on the weather. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I would have concerns in performance. Wonder if there will be an option in the menu like a tick box to turn off if possible. That is if too intensive for lower end machines. Just a thought. :slight_smile:


I remember on his YouTube channel Raj had a rain theme and a snow theme from a while back. Will some weather events get fitting music eventually?


Oh, good idea.


If the weather running in Lua can spawn lightning bolts, there’s nothing to prevent it spawning other things like puddles of water (or at the worst case, an invisible and temporary Wet Stone); which would be a very CPU-cheap way of representing runoff or flooding.

The weather system already does hook up to most of the rest of the game though – it affects hearthling behaviour, town visuals, the environment, and it interacts with buildings so players can directly influence how weather effects (or ideally doesn’t negatively effect at all) their town.

I would say that if weather is “half baked” it’s only in so much as the whole game can only be “half baked” at the moment; it would be nice to have some more features but the game isn’t ready to support them just yet. After all, we don’t have a fully simulated water system yet (we have static ponds and we can make rivers, but the game can’t handle generating them itself) so we can’t have a weather-based water cycle. We have some weather-driven effects on the hearthlings already and there are probably more which could be implemented right now, but the balance and feel of such effects still needs to be tested so it makes sense to introduce some now, test for a bit, and adjust as needed.


People here really like weather, don’t they? :jubilant:

15 straight posts with 10 or more likes just from this thread. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen here before - scrolling down, it looks like most threads were in this odd spotlight for 5 to 6 posts at most, and generally with an interruption or two from another thread. So for some reason when I stumbled across this I felt like I had to share - it just looks perfect.

Conclusion: Weather seems cool, thanks for telling us more, hopefully it’ll be better for all the feedback already, and also good on everyone for all the jokes. A+ thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Snowdrifts could be spawned as well, which could then be used for snowball fights!

watches as snowflakes drift lazily down outside the window Like I need more snow in my life right?


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