Desktop Tuesday: Weather



Another question I had, will the weather change relative to certain events that are triggered? Like for instance if a titan were to come and attack your town would the weather change?


I would like to see that weather influences the game a little bit more, depending on the difficulty you have chosen. Higher difficulty should lead to harsher weather effects.


Personally, I think it would be interesting to play on peaceful but with severe weather turned up to 11. But there’s always modding for weird difficulty settings like that, of course.


The page should be sorted date/time. That “other topic” that sneaked in means that a bunch of replies for this topic received 10 likes, then a reply in another topic reached 10 likes, then more replies here reached 10 likes. Does that make sense?


When? About two weeks before someone mods in frog leg dinners.


i went down to 50-60fps starting of a new game from previous 120fps before the weather system came. Any performance improvement underway feels a bit extreme hurt on the fps side


On specific weather types or always? What are your machine specs? What graphics settings are you using?


A save would be super useful in this case too :slight_smile:


Settings A24 Latest and with latest Rickery Building Release same results
Gaming at 1080p
Starting of game 75-80fps Rainy Weather
Sunny Weather 70fps

Running the same settings for all versions
For Alpha 24 and Rickety Build if you disable the High Quality Graphics you also disable weather which makes you gain back almost every fps that was lost with A24 and later but also makes you lose a lot of other nice graphics that was working fine for A23.

Alpha 23 Release 790
Start of game 115-150fps

All these tests was done with new games without any mods activated in all tests.

i7 3930k 6core 12 threads @4.5Ghz all cores
AMD 7950 3GB 850mhz/1250 OC -> 1080mhz/1350mhz
GPU Driver 17.1.1 tried with later drivers such as 18.3.4 same results
32GB DDR3 1600Mhz
Samsung 830 OS Drive
Samsung 840 Evo Game Drive
Windows 10 Pro x64 latest updates


I wonder what counts as “hide from bad weather”, especially in new editor beta. Do hand-made roofs from blocks count as cover? Do caves count as cover? What if my building is tent-like, with roof but almost no walls? Will it protect against sandstorm / thunderstorm? What about snow, what counts as a valid protection from it?


I think the voxel type does not matter, maybe even terrain. Sandstorms needs wall as it moves horizontally. For lightnings you need vertical protection, anything above their heads.


Funny thing about sandstorms: first one on my new desert map “splitted” after hitting a mountain, creating a hole in the wall of sand. I wonder if it is intentional.
I suppose any roof would protect from rain, but I wonder how much holes in walls are acceptable to consider building a cover from more complex weather (cold/snow), or even a building at all (“I was sleeping outside”).

PS. Creatures get damaged, too, but currently they don’t react to it. It would be nice to change that. Overall, it would be nice to have some flora/fauna reaction to weather (aside from increased growth effects).
Example: Rain in Terraria spawns more slimes, including slimes with umbrellas.


I think sandstorm wall holes need to regenerate after a few tens of blocks, and regenerate on the sides of the hole first, if possible.


I agree, it makes me sad to get sandstorms for days in a row cause I know all the critters on the map are gonna get wiped out. Every time I hear the poof sound…awwwwwww. :glum: They really should burrow into the ground or hide in vegetation.


I’ll make a proper suggestion thread in a minute, but that makes me think about something else which has been bugging me slightly regarding random critters – how, well, random they are. They’re basically living decorations, and they don’t interact with any other systems in the way you’d expect them to. They don’t eat, they aren’t affected by trappers/have no effect on trappers; sure they make the world a little more adorable but it’s in a way that the player can’t interact with. At this point they may as well be particle effects… unless, of course, they were made to actually interact with things.

edit: so, “very soon” turns out to be significantly later on account of my internet cutting out, hahaha! But here’s the suggestion thread: Burrows and dens -- because critters need homes too!


No point posting here any more


It’s possible if we’re REAAALLYY still… the mac people won’t see us.


And yes, i find a t-rex adorable.


Hmmm… it started to snow and the game tells me that the hearthlings and animals needs shelter because of the cold?

Then i wonder when the hearthlings learn to fire up the firepit on snowy days?.. @max99x?


Probably a few updates from now. It takes them a while to learn to deal with all these new atmospheric phenomena invading their world.