Dt: building cathedrals


Hey everyone, welcome to our final Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! Since it’s the last Desktop Tuesday, let’s take a quick look at the very last feature we’ve checked in for 1.0: seasons, plus some of the things we learned along the way.

Team Stonehearth will post the 1.0 announcement for the game very soon, and will also have one last, all-day stream on Thursday, July 26th, that starts at 9:00am PST. There will also be a 1.1 release in December, with bug fixes, performance improvements, a modding guide, and probably a few more other little treats. See you there, and if not, certainly again someday.

So sad, I’ll miss desktop Tuesdays :sob:


I’m tearing up. It’s been a pleasure


I’m really going to miss you all a lot. Good luck!

Have fun, Kyth.



Now we know why there’s no Mac version. Well played Steph, well played…


Thanks to all of you, you did a great job :jubilant:
Thanks to everyone of this great community :jubilant:

But I am sad :forlorn: that this was the last DT.
I will miss it.


It has been a genuine pleasure, from watching the vaious dev streams, to taking part in both the alpha and the beta, to seeing all the trials and tribulations that you’ve encountered and, for the most part, overcome.

I wish all of you well on your future work endeavors and hope that what this community comes to build from this game you put your hearts into fills you with pride for what you’ve accomplished :smiley:.


This is only the beginning. I view Team Radiant (a name which has recently returned to my lexicon) as family. I love this community, and I’ve loved watching it, and Stonehearth, grow and flourish.

The biggest gift TR gave us was their focus on modding. This is truly what will allow Stonehearth to continue living and evolving for hopefully many, many years to come.

I hope, perhaps naively, that over time, some of TR will return as community members and contribute mods of their own as passion projects, or work along side mod teams. In this way, I am beyond grateful for everyhing the team has done, and I’m still quite optimistic to see where we, the community, take the world of Hearth, from here.



Well I know I intend to stick around and mod the hell out of it, maybe if I keep at it I’ll one day hit Bruno or repeat pan levels of modding ;)… Maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

One can dream!


Is @BrunoSupremo in the gaming industry at all?

Not as a job, but I had done a few things already. I’m messing with world gen for 10 years already :stuck_out_tongue:
That said, I will repeat what I always say, I’m not that good as some of you think. The archipelago mod may be complex now, but that is only because it is basically 2 years in the making. With a humble start as just a json file with tweaked values.


Indeed. A glowing reminder of the power of iterative improvement.


Is Radiant Entertainment going to the chopping block after the 1.1 update?

There is no Radiant anymore. They were purchased by Riot Games a couple years ago.


Oh okay, i knew they were bought by riot but i thought they were still a studio under them.

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@sdee @max99x @max99x @Albert @Allie @not_owen_wilson @linda @ayazar @Relyss @brad and to the rest of TR

It’s been a ride, The ups and downs. I have put so many hours into this game, and I’m not even done yet. From the complex builds in the old builder and the complex builds in the new Builder, I have always tried to break it. I really never had a problem like most people had that couldn’t get things built, as I learned the systems in and out.

That said, I love this game, wish I was apart of kickstarter, but I didn’t find it at that time, I came into this game in A6, it was so basic. few colors, few items, and so much AI issues. Still I enjoyed the game through and through, I found ways to even just build with grey and shades, lol my first huge Statue was made of floor slab blocks. Then I found ways to make boats (Pirates Bay) with the few tools we had at the time, to a Floating Mage Tower, (had to use trees to get it started)

Then as time went on I began to really start making towns, cities and even began my own Kingdom Lore. From Raven’s Castle, to Pirates Bay(Swarshbucklers Bay now) and Tridale (Cid’s Clerics Town) to Silverthorn (Mining Town, Home to Ragnar, Niles, Lily and John and with Tree Top Inn owned by barkeep Larkin). I wrote so much Lore to my present Kingdom from adventures in Silverthorn with Ragnar and the crew, with connection to the Phoenix Empire and Cid. I kept on digging deep and never stopped

I’m sad to see it ending, but also its time to let the game go on its own, and let us as players and modders to take this game beyond what it is today. So much issues have come up about TR, and I’m sorry I totally disagree with it all, Ya’ll have been communicative, honest, and heard us as players to help this game and Friendly. Yes the game didn’t go the way TR wanted it, but that happens in development road bumps happen, stuff doesn’t work out. time isn’t there, there is a stall, yet they got around it.

on same sense I’m sorry to all Linux users, (sad the know that) but they are trying to do right by yall, even all the way back to kickstarter. To the Mac users, I’m sorry y’all keep trying to fight with them and they have told you over and over the port is coming, they have six months. give them the time and be patient is all I can say

In the end Thank You again Team Radiant for your game, for your time, for your honesty and communication, for caring and for trying. Thank you for giving me, no all us players the enjoyment of this game. Thank you for making a game that I have played over 2k hours with. Thank you for making this beautiful game. Don’t ever give up on your goals and don’t let the the people trying to put this game and your hard work and as you as Devs down, hurt you. You all did great :slight_smile: I will miss you all. I will see y’all on the flipside and if you see Nile’s the Geomancer from the Amberstone clan give him a turnip, he loves them and hates carrots (He so odd, oh well I can’t help that Ragnar picked him as a friend)



What a wrap-up! :jubilant: Aside from some nice life-lessons and a sense of closure on The Big Push, we also got to see an awesome cathedral coming to life (although I find the placement a little suspect – is @sdee a devotee of Gary, Destroyer of Worlds?!?)

It’s been an amazing ride and I’m super glad to be able to reflect on this last milestone together. Stonehearth has done something which I knew was possible but doubted would happen – after being part of a string of other games which I’ve watched crash and burn purely under the weight of expectation and impatience, it’s restored some of my faith that people can come together and make an amazing experience and an innovative, gutsy, groundbreaking new thing… regardless of the pressures and realities faced by the game development scene at the moment.

This may not be the end quite yet, but it feels like we’ve reached the summit of a previously un-climbed peak. And the view is quite something!


So long, thanks for everything! Good luck!