Candledark III is back!


(AKA: The Return of the Return of Candledark Returns!)

Can you feel it in the air? The undead seek to add more to their numbers yet again this time of year. You guessed it – we’ve updated Candledark so it is now compatible with the latest version of Stonehearth. (Note: this is the mod last released in 2016 and has been updated to work with latest, though there is no new content.)

Thanks again to community modder Froggy for creating this awesome holiday mod.

To play Candledark you must be on the latest version of Unstable or Stable (r907 or r906).

Here’s how to play:

If you’ve installed Stonehearth using Steam

  • Make sure Steam has updated your game at least version r906. When you start the game, click the About button and check that the version is up-to-date.
  • Subscribe to the Candledark III mod here: Candledark III on Steam Workshop
  • Restart Stonehearth and enjoy Candledark! (As noted, you can start a new game or load an existing save.)

If you’ve installed Stonehearth using the Windows installer or .zip file

  • Download candledark.smod here: candledark.smod (783.5 KB)

  • Put candledark.smod in the “mods” sub-folder of your Stonehearth folder

  • Restart Stonehearth and enjoy Candledark! (As noted, you can start a new game or load an existing save.)

– Team Stonehearth


Awesome, i’ll check it out soon



zips off to the Workshop!!!


I am seriously excited about this!



Awesome :smiley: also kinda hyped if we get Frostfeast ! :santa:


the cobblestone fence with brazier recipe isnt updated.


Wait. So that big bug fix and mod changes list is already in the latest stable? Mods can already use those features?


I don’t think so :thinking:. The big changelist is only on unstable, according to the dev blog. On stable there’s only a couple fixes, but the message says “We’re planning a larger upcoming update to get some of the bugfixes and performance improvements from the unstable branch over to stable.” so I think it will get updated soon.

There’s another change related to mods that we’ll need to push at the same time for both branches, probably waiting for that one before we push the unstable changes to stable.


Uploaded the fix to Steam and updated the smod of the first post. Thanks for reporting this!


Don’t know if anybody else reported this.
The “Plagued” status after being bitten lasts 9 days as is shown in the UI, but just in a few seconds the bitten one is turned into a “mindless wight”.
I guess it might be a bug. :thinking:


Those were the original values in the previous versions. The player isn’t supposed to know that/when the buff turns you into a wight, the first time they play.

The bitten ones take 3 in-game hours to turn, but if they get bitten again, the debuff (which makes them slower) will last for 9 days.