CandleDark mod glitch/bug

So the issue I’m having currently is with the “candledark” mod I had just recently installed a day or two ago, during the world event the mobs spawn like normal and apply their plague ability to one or two of my units. Even after applying the appropriate tonic your herbalist learns from the event,cant’t remember the name of it off the top of my head, i remove the “plague” debuff applied to my units but still 9 days later the units just go poof. Is there a missing tool tip somewhere or is this a glitch in the system. Also the unit(s) that usually get infected and disappear are a lvl 6 knight and a lvl 6 fighter but usually the knight 9 times out of 10 is the one that gets the debuff and goes poof 9 days later.

hmm… definitely sounds like a bug, but i haven’t stopped to play Candledark III yet so i can’t really say… paging @Froggy!

Yeah that’s what i was thinking, i enjoyed the story line and new items, especially the new defensive town items that are able to be built cause i kinda feel just stone walls and a stone gate felt… lack luster defensive measures wise against roaming armies, as well as being able to give your villagers 3 more defense with the candledark armor for crafters to help keep them alive if that pesy goblin archer is pegging them from a distance. I thought i read somewhere else on the forums about this, but i couldn’t seem to find anything similar to this so if anyone also has a link to another CandleDark mod issue, I would love to see other replies and what other people had issues with or found fixes to issues on it in case i may run into another!

Interesting - I never encountered this when testing (and eventually playing) Candledark. Those with the “plague” shouldn’t “poof”, they should turn into mindless wights.

Yeah, thats what i was expecting it to do if i had left the disease on them(which they did after a couple tests) but everytime after removing the “plague” with the tonic, 9 turns later the unit would completely disappear. I will probably try tomorrow to get other units, besides the knight, to get infected with the plague and cure them and see if they disappear as well 9 turns after contracting the disease the first time.

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I don’t actually have time to test this today, i will attempt to do this tomorrow, gotten rather busy with things today, but i will definitely test this out as soon as possible, i really want to see this issue get fixed asap cause i love what craft able items are offered with this mod as well as delving into this story line. So please bare with me until i can provide results on this! Are there anything in specific i will need to include with this report? IE: what day/month in game or screenshots?

Not really sure, @Froggy is the creator of the mod and would be the one to make any changes. He’ll need to respond with that information.

The town debuff mechanic works fine. If you’re having problems its most likely a broken install or a conflicting mod… but I’m betting you aren’t playing on latest. I asked linda to add remove_buff_from_town so its a recent addition. The command doesn’t exist and therefore wont do anything if you’re not running the latest branch on steam.


which mod, if any would conflict with it, i currently just have the candledark mod installed and the original mods only, i haven’t played around with any other mods yet except this on. As for playing on the latest, you are referring to the most recent candledark mod i would assume and if so then it should be, i will double check when i can later on, but i will definitely let you know when i get the information, but if you are referring to the most recent stonehearth addition alpha 19 then yes i have that up to date, i make sure steam keeps this game up to date! definitely one of my favorite games I’m playing at the moment. (humble gloat)

so heres some photos of what happened in the period of roughly a day period for me in game, i did reinstall the candledark mod just to think it was an error downloading it, but the issue did still occur. so in the first photo it was day 21( day 1 of contraction) where i have the cursor over the debuff and the unit(knight) and the second picture is right after taking the first picture going to the tonic and using it and removing the debuff(as shown in picture 3) and then the next day after the event i was gonna use the potion again to cure the debuff, the unit went poof, no wight, no death notification just went poof, and then I’ll attempt to test this on footmen tomorrow but figured i would share this since i was thinking about it and since it happened so quickly this time around vs 9 turns.

You need to use the potions as soon as the notification of “someone has been bitten” appears. Once they get the debuff for real, they can’t be cured.

@Relyss just tried this method, i was even babysitting the potions and still after getting bitten,this time after one bite and the fight was over both my knight and one of my footmen disappeared right as the squad got back into formation