Zombie Apocalypse Mod

Hi guys, Thunder here. Today I wanted to discuss a mod that I defiantly think should be added to the game: the “Zombie Apocalypse” mod. I think it was Tony who mentioned in one of their live streams that your nation could die by zombie apocalypse. Well, for this mod, I think it would be really cool if your settlers started off in a post-apocalyptic city that has fallen due to the zombie plague. You would start out with a relatively safe zone to build up in with some basic supplies, but you would quickly have to go out to gather more supplies. There would be valuable supplies scattered around the map. Because of the zombies, instead of doing things like farming and crafting, you would be doing more base-defense. As time went on and you got a perimeter established, you could venture farther and farther from your starting point. I considered adding guns, but I think it would be cooler to have swords and bows and stuff.
Tell me what you guys think!


a total conversion would be all sorts of fun, but as it stands now, there will be some sort of zombies present in SH… :+1:

Can we raise the dead? - Livestream - 27:15

“Yes …it has to make it in, we don’t know how, but it has to make it
in. There will be some way, you might not like it. Maybe this is how
the zombie apocalypse starts … maybe the penalty for losing someone is
that you have to ‘res’ them, and ‘ressing’ them too often could turn
them into a zombie … zombie apocalypse should be a way to lose the

I like this idea, maybe you could even have it spawn pre-built city that’s full of supplies, but also full of zombies. You could also get more people by running across them when getting supplies.

I think this would be a fun addition - basic start of the game, as you mentioned, your group of survivors stumbles upon perhaps a small village that has some basic supplies to get you started quickly. I’m not sure you’d need to cut out farming, thinking about the farm in the walking dead, hard to maintain, but definitely a community goal. However, would be fun to randomly generate some other small similar towns for scavenging.

Infection can be spread through the amount of damage your villagers take, and it at least sounds like it should be somewhat possible to mod the DM AI to have wandering hordes of escalating difficulty catch the scent of your villagers.

@naturalnuke yeah that was the idea I was going for! @Stromclaw indeed as you survived for longer and longer you would attract bigger and bigger groups of zombies. I also had the idea that there was a healer class who could heal infected as a way of getting new people.

So basically it would be like a shaman or druid (shamans/druids are known to mess with zombies) who could stop the infection in your group. Also, I think it would be cool to have travelling merchants in armor plated wagons.

I think it would be and awesome addition to this idea,is that if a world has been game overed via zombie apocalyse you can take over a group of survivors and continue on in a ruin version of the worlds structures.

absolutely… having a ravaged landscape, bereft of most useful resources, making it that much more difficult to eek out your existence, all the while under constant threat from the growing numbers of mindless zombies… count me in! :smile:

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