The Walking Dead returns to TV tonight!

Anyone else a fan?
Anyone working on a mod for this?
Who’s pumped?

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ok… ill go first… TWD? :confused:

The walking dead
Based on the comic book by Robert Kirkman and Charlie adlard

Produced by AMC

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Somehow I feel like the ugly child which does not know anything about the world… in-line with Steve, I don’t know “TWD”. @Rybilton can you explain how a mod related to this topic should look like?

This would be a zombie apocalypse survival mod :stuck_out_tongue:


Think state of decay but inside stone hearth that’s the gist of it. Except a city biome would need to be created as well as vehicles

In the walking dead staying in a small rural area usually ends in some serious major character deaths. You would also need to limit the settlers to around…30-40 at most. Everyone is individual. Also if any realationships system is going to be in the core game then we would need to factor in things like sanity and grudges and stuff.

:frowning: someone watch the show help me out here

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Just to remind everyone, please don’t post links to anything such as torrents, streams, etc. that are considered illegal/ not your content.

Edit: As for The Walking Dead, you betcha I’m excited!

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My bad
Didn’t know
Couch Tunner is illegal?!

Taken from the Discourse FAQ:

You may not post descriptions of, links to, or methods for stealing someone’s intellectual property (software, video, audio, images), or for breaking any other law.

Sites like that where you can stream TV, as far as I know, are illegal due to certain distribution/ copyright issues.

Links to The Walking Dead on Netflix on the other hand, would be alright :smile:

Well that would work, assuming of course that the person clicking the link has a Netflix account… of course not everyone is going to.

But here is a link to the official AMC tv page for the Walking Dead: The Walking Dead @ AMC Tv

And I think they also eventually post the full episodes to their site for fans to watch.

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Indeed, I was just providing an example of a legitimate streaming option!

If anybody is going to discuss last night’s episode please remember to use [ spoiler] [/spoiler]

Absolutely, Netflix amongst a couple others, primarily the AMC site and also Hulu, although Hulu redirects to AMC so there is that.[quote=“Geoffers747, post:12, topic:3244”]
If anybody is going to discuss last night’s episode please remember to use [ spoiler] [/spoiler]
Here is a little demonstration for those who may not know what a spoiler tag looks like.

This is a spoiler tag

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thanks… i’ve seen all the promos for the show, and have heard nothing but praise for the series… and yet, havent watched an episode… i really need to make more time for killing braincells watching TV… :smile:

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I hear that!! I don’t actually watch much TV myself!!

Ahhh good, another season ill avoid like the horrible plague on the mind that it is