Necromancer Mod, possible addition

So, someone in my stream the other day suggested I play around with the idea of making my necromancer be able to create zombie workers. I looked into the geomancer and came up with this, I think it could be neat if balanced right. Necromancer takes a bit of playing to get to in the first place(if you don’t reroll for one at roster select), and the ability to create the workers wouldn’t unlock until level 7. These 2 things together “should” make them quite a late game addition to your town to avoid feeling too OP.


You could even make them decay as a balancing tool (the evolve code from crops and trees) and then grant them earlier

hell. you know what would be amusing? a necromancer kingdom. you start with one necromancer and a few skellies(your worker tier) you dont get any more living buggers but all you get is more skellies. all there to tend to your necromancer. (to build your undead temple. Possible upgrade path from necromancer to lich?)


I dont know if this is in your mod yet, but if not pls put it in as fast as possible, because that’s just awesome <3


Been asking for this since geomancer was a concept and I wish I could figure out how to make this myself.

It’s be nice for flavor / theme, but also workers who don’t need to sleep.
Possibly Skeletal Warriors that don’t require food or supplies.
So more time can be spent focusing on the dark arts.

Though as per replacing the 3rd scavenger creature, honestly can’t think of anything dramatically different.
It’s useful, though making it fit aesthetically is what has me wondering.

The only thing I could say balance wise would be to limit the number of necromancers to 1 and buff the craft able monsters. Because with a constant army of undead, you can focus on other tasks, but without healers or ranged units in their ranks they’d have to replace them pretty often late game which can be tedious.

Unless the combat units follow the necromancer and he acts as their healer, then I could see that replacing the need to constantly replace fallen undead.

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