Do Skeletons Dream of Undead Sheep?

I was wondering how the undead would work in the game?

Will they be randomnly generated enemies?

Will there be some sort of faction, maybe necromancers can create their own tower of doom and besiege you with their armies?

Maybe you should put some extra strong fences around your graveyards…

Oh and make sure you properly dispose of your butchered goods, being strangled by animal hair is an embarassing way for a cough dwarf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: cough, ahem, I mean villager to die…

What do you guys think/know/want?

Memo to self: Remember to make fun of the lich king by having some sort of… Shleich King?

I can totally see it. Undead sheep. Fortresses built out of wolonite.

.oO(“Fa-ah-ather, is it over?” - “At long la-ah-st. No king rules forever my son.” - “I see only da-ah-arkness before me…” It works so perfectly)


Haha nice

Bring up the lich king reminds me, what kind of creatures do you think to see in undeath? I had not thought of liches but that could be very intriguing.

Also I enjoy that cut scene, and he is rather fun to make fun of =p

The glitch king? Crashes your game if you don’t kill them fast enough! ( please don’t do this xD)


That’s a brilliant idea actually. I mean, it’s extremely nerdy to have enemies such as stack overflow, uncaught exception, null pointer and logic error but it definitely has potential.

In normal SH terms, I’m not sure what I would expect from the undead. I think certainly skeletons of all sorts, including horses, rabbits and of course sheep, perhaps some sort of zombie/ghoul but I’m not sure if the style of those fits into SH’s setting.

It doesn’t need a huge variety of different “races” though, it just needs depth. Skeletons alone can be really scary if they are organising themselves similar to the normal people - i.e. with different jobs and militia types.


Yeah I agree style is a big factor, I really enjoy the Draugr from skyrim; the nordic style with tattered armour and cloth hanging from them.

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hey there @tbeaz1551 … lots of discussion points around the dead these days… you guys are awfully morbid! :smile:

some quick points you might be interested in:

existing (lengthy) thread on dead folk…

developer quote from an older livestream…

Can we raise the dead?

Yes …it has to make it in, we don’t know how, but it has to make it in. There will be some way, you might not like it. Maybe this is how the zombie apocalypse starts … maybe the penalty for losing someone is that you have to ‘res’ them, and ‘ressing’ them too often could turn them into a zombie … zombie apocalypse should be a way to lose the game

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And then we have good guy Shleich King saving the day because there must always be… a lich king. Right? It would certainly make a lot of sense to have some sort of campaign where you fight against the Shleich King and the undead sheep all the time just to note that they are actually enemies of your enemy, the real undead.

After the undead are done for, you can then become buddies and raise undead sheep on your very lively farm. It’s a win-win… Or something.

*makes more notes*


Thanks Steve!

Also I don’t know how much I would trust a Lich King even if they are enemy of my enemy? =p

Also what is Shleich I don’t quite understand that.

Schleich? Schleich® | Toys | Figurines and Play Sets

‘The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy, no more, no less.’

Although… surely the “good” undead sheep leader will be the Baa-shee Queen?

(Yes, I went there…)


winces in agony

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I wasn’t expecting all the sheep puns :smile:

Oh well, “schleichen” means “to sneak” in German after all… Not a big surprise that’s a company. However, the pandas are somewhat creepy.

Oh god. That’s brilliant. So brilliant. I love you.

However, I can really imagine a sheep with the lich king armour… Give me a day or two.

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Perhaps have some evil cultists to raise an undead sheep horde, it would be an interesting event that’s for sure.

I’m thinking the acolytes of Baaaal

‘’ Do skeletons dream of Undead Sheep ‘’

For me there is one question that springs to mind when I see this thread :

Well, is it a Welsh Skeleton ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just a quick sketch, but you can see what I had in mind…

Using a skyrim mod and a few modifications to Panicle I’ve even got some sort of voxelized version of it going, although it lacks color - and until I’ve finished my editor (and likely even after that), I won’t be able to finish that one.

But you can see, the idea clearly has a lot of potential…

Now back to the topic of boring undead I guess.

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Actual known undead units are skeletons and zombies I believe. Certainly Tom has models of both that he’s shown in stream and either they’re gonna be included or Tom gets some kind sick pleasure out of modelling them.

You probably don’t want to be around Tom’s office area when he does that…

Stay away children! Beware!