Spooky, scary, skeletons!.. (well, without skulls)/ 2 spooky 4 u! 👻

Welcome, to spooky town !

I found this glitch after the “NC locks of many hair”

I wound up with a town full of ghost people, and since its october, I found it appropriate to post it here.

Not exactly skeletons, but spooky none the less. (funny thing, this was right in front of a bunny statue, so this was mildly terrifying. Maybe the bunny god has more influence over the world than we know? What are his intensions, how is he involved in this, WHY WONT THE DEVOUT CULTISTS TELL US, AFTER THEY ARE DONE PLAYING WITH THEIR CREEPY LAGOMORPH DOLLS! )

Here is a picture of said masonry-Lagomorph

Boo! :ghost:


wow this really shows me how much we rely on the hearthlings faces. opportunity for a mod to make unique clothing that tells us who that hearthling is…

is this bug still existing? ^^

Oh, I have no idea, it was on old save back when NC was still having issues, so I went with regular.

I removed the old one, and added the NC, so I’ll have to test it. I just thought this was 2 spooky 4 u

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ok and yes it was sometimes very spooky also for me xD best was with hairs and with heads xD

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