Village Of The Bunny God Praiser's [WIP]


This is my first post :slight_smile:
(sorry if my typing is bad but i’ll try my best)

This is “Village Of The Bunny God Praiser’s” #i_can’t_make_good_setlement_names.
This was made with insta build coas im #lazy to wait for my hearthlings to build it if im doing big buildings
The biome isnt the normal ones ive used the amazing mod made by Vargbane called Anórien Biome link to the mod : " MOD - Anórien Biome "

well here some pic’s

ive got some imagination of greek cultural buildings and what i felt like building XD
hope u like it and if u wanted the world download :
"’s.rar "

note : remember this is still a Work in progress and if u’d download it feel free to toy around and build stuf in it


one more small thing the reason the bunny is backwards is becoas when i did teleport with the console i couldnt rotate teh bunny so the bunny is always lookign in one direction once u teleport it’s a shame :cry:

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Those stairs to the statue are epic :heart_eyes:

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Amazing!! -I love the style of your the settlement! :astonished: :grinning:

Don’t think you should worry about it. It actually makes it more interesting. It makes you wonder what religious reason there is to having the god turn away from it’s followers. Maybe it’s because they are just that. Followers, walking behind it. And on the judgement day, when they’ve reached their destination, their god will finally turn and face them and tell them the truth about carrots. :wink: