My Alpha 18 village. DONE! +Templates and save

Ever since Stonehearth came online i was onto making small, but nice looking villages. This Alpha its all about the elves.
Takin it step by step, time to time. Therefor some screenshots from this current village. If people want building templates just gimme a call :slight_smile:

Hereby, to all of you fellow hearthlings. I give you: Elforia
and its templates: Elven Building templates

Campfire got set :slight_smile:


The hard work of scaffolding in some buildings. Don’t we all know it


The docks where sloops are made

The tree of life

The park where they actually eat :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice park. Looks like some painful work to create such a fence. Kudos!
And I like the archways and small walls alongside the roads. Maybe I’m going to copycat this in my next town :grin:

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Its not that hard :wink: just takes some time.

I’d be honored

Very nice! Love your approach to roofing!


Thank you for your appreciation!

There is so much difference possible tor roofing. if u ask me, The current roofing is just able for castles and medieval playstyle. I’d like to see alot more difference i.o. to make western or for later options; bunny housing etc. Altho there are enough options to learn from Youtube making different kinds of roofings.

On these houses i just layed the basement and floor-level and put slabs for roofing around it.


So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


heh. Thanks. Seems like Team Radiant is giving the word trough quickly.
Please give us back the plantable flowers :wink:

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This is absolutely gorgeous. Makes my own towns look like old soviet slums.
Any thoughts on removing that large stockpile and replacing it with something like a store house? I know that with one of the recent updates they’ve fixed stacking crates.

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im onto that. Always feel like having a large stockpile because i’d like to make things pretty. Just crates arranged is not nice if u ask me. Beneath the farm and on its attic there are stockpiles aswell. same as beneath the headquarter. I’d like to hide them a little more. Time to time its going there :wink:

I like stockpiles as well. It’s easier to see what’s in there. I tend to put them in large multi-story warehouses, which often end to look like large castles. One has to protect his stuff after all :yum:

Villagers are happy the new cargo arrived per ship, now they can build their Port/housing :slight_smile: (removed stockpiles)


i like your road shapes looks so nice and smooth :slight_smile:

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Hunters house,

He seem to be happy able to hunt close by house.


Had to rework the docks because i accidently deleted my latest save file when helping @Banto in his town while he was streaming… ~hehe

@sdee, you were asking what we could do with the exploit with removing slabs causing land to appear? Heres my little pond.


wow, this is a beautiful town! the more i look at it, the more i want to be back working on my own A18 town…but alas, my plates already to full to add something more to it, guess i’ll have to settle with looking over all your wondrous towns! :smile:

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You can get a walkthrough if u like =p

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Im afraid you need to translate that steven. I dont speak chinese