My quaint little village! XD

Hey guys! I just wanted everyone’s opinion on what they thought about my little village I’ve been working on for a while now. I’m especially proud of my custom guard towers, bridge and windmill :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks very nice, especially with the dramatic shot with the ogre in the lower left! :smiley:

All the mentioned building look great so far, though the bridge is a little hard to see… Maybe you can upload a few more shots focused on those 3 buildings?

Also, while the bridge is obviously to specific for general use, did you save the template of the guard towers and the windmill? If you did, have you thought of uploading them to (Explanation and discussion at StoneHearth Builds - a fan site for sharing building templates!)

Thanks! Being a new member it’s only letting me upload 1 photo at a time ><. But yeah I can absolutely upload some of those pictures. and I also did save the windmill and the guard tower, but sadly not the bridge. I’ll try to upload those two for you guys!



So I’ve decided to spruce up that little barren area by the water, and I added a water wheel/fisher’s house. Intend to put in a dock as well eventually for little fisher’s boats and stuff. What do you guys think? And yes, I’ve already uploaded the save file to


does your game lag a bit with a lot of buildings?

Only when I turn the buildings onto rpg mod (when part of the walls are showing). Also the transition from night to day and day to night tends to bog it down for a few seconds, but other than that it runs pretty well. I’m using a gtx 770 with a i5 2500k processor. Also, having the program on my SSD really helps.

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So here’s a view of the entire village with a few more buildings and stuff I added. The windmill up on the hill is a template I downloaded, but everything else is of my own design. Tell me what you guys think please :smiley:


Verry cute lil village you got there :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! My creativity isn’t the highest but this game is just the best to give me practice lol.

Practice make it better but you are on the right path :slight_smile:

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You’re too kind Redstarr225 XD

one of my towns :slight_smile:


Oo i love it! How did you get those little flower pots and stuff?!

MODS D: i run like 4-5 of them :smiley:

Oh that’s awesome. I’d love to be able to place flowers to give my town a little bit more life.

I love your village! :smiley: Also that watermill is really nice!

I noticed (in your first “bridge shot”), that you even built a nice half-shade pergola for your berry bushes, and you placed your wheat bales in the farm areas between the animals! Very nice touch, I’ll probably take on that last practice myself. ^^

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Much appreciated for the praises! I was really proud of my waterwheel and the pergola as well lol

again a map from which we all can learn a thing or 2. Great idea’s you’ve had so far

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Thanks so much for the compliment man! I just hope some people take and use some of my ideas (bridge, pergola, and waterwheel to name a few). I would love to see a lot of people be using them in their own cities!