The Most Beautiful Screenshot


Hey everyone, we’re thinking of adding a carousel of really beautiful screenshots to the opening page of the game, where the splash screens usually are. Do you have really pretty screenshots of A24 latest that showcase weather, the builder, mods, or multiplayer? Do you have screenshots that showcase what SH means to you, or why you find the game so amazing? If so, and if you’d like to submit them for potential inclusion, please post and I’d love to see them!

If you’ve got builds you’d like to submit for us to take screenshots of, I’d be happy to take those too. If you load up builds by tomorrow at stream time, we could spend some time doing this together as well. :slight_smile:


Oh, this means that we will not have a draw by Allie? :frowning:


Right now Allie is jamming really hard on concepts for things inside the game, so I felt this might be more efficient, overall. :slight_smile:

But yes, inside, we all cry for more art from Allie :3


Well, I think she escaped from a nightmare really :stuck_out_tongue:
multiplayer, new builder, weather, city tiers, mods… How can someone draw a picture that portraits all that? :smile:


I definitely love the look of this one. Do you just want standard biomes?


LOL or these. Not sure I will ever see one again and no save :frowning:


If you want to include steam workshop biomes, that’s cool too!



These are already uploaded elsewhere on the discourse, but here we go:


A scene of a town; multiple banners, a fountain/hearth here or there, an elaborate house, in a canyon biome, with a rainbow in the background. Simple. :smile:


Last one! just had to add it haha :smile:
The classroom in the Academy…


The pic I put on the reddit quite some time ago seemed popular, though I forgot to turn the ui off for it back then:



For your consideration, this is as close to beautiful as I have come so far. :merry:


I love those small walled gardens! :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :merry:


Oh captain my captain, is this a Dead poets society mod?! :open_mouth: :rofl:


Goblin “Don’t mind me i’m just taking this basket of carrots with me”


Those images from Max kingdom in wall: The Chronicles of Emerald Overlook


This is my only ok Screenshot.


I’d post a screenshot, but I’d like to ‘git gud’ at building first. Any tips for prettier towns?