Nicedude80's Photo Gallery

I thought it would be cool if people posted pictures of there saves, there buildings, funny moments and wierd but humorous bugs. This is my gallery.

To take screenshots in steam, hit F12, then you access them by either closing the game, or Alt-Tabbing and going to View > Screenshots

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This is a pretty good idea, but don’t we already have a thread?

This one is just for me I guess, my photo gallery, and I want to keep them in one place, rather then in someone else thread.

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But won’t that just clutter the forums if each person who owns the game posts their screenshots in a different thread?

These aren’t exactly art, just screenshots.

Ok, if you really don’t want me to, I won’t.

You don’t have to do what I say, I really have no authority. I was just suggesting that this thread be merged with the original to save forum space.

People can have own threads, for example for mods. And if one person owns more than one mod that means having several threads. People here post all kind of personal projects, even if in this case it’s just screenshots, I remember several threads about gameplay videos, for example. Not everyone is going to make a topic like this one, we are already busy with bug reports and suggestions / feedback. So for the moment I wouldn’t mind leaving this topic here. Although I don’t know if I agree with the chosen category…

Ya I guess I just made it quick, I’ll change the category.

EDIT: I don’t see a better category, I’m a fan, and that’s media! XD

Well, ok, I don’t find another fitting category either…
Because it’s not really gameplay and you search for good shots like in photography.

Its ok, ididn’t mean to cause trouble, i’ll take it down.