Alpha 9 screenshots topic

Just post your screenshots here, since there is a lot of new things (some still silly-broken) I hope there will be lots of nice screens to see :smile:

First of all - friendly goblins are now friendly, super cute :heart:

Also, goblin camp on the hill (notice little goblins sitting “by fire” several feets under the campfire :smiley: )


I still think that save game compatibility between Alphas is a somewhat useless luxury… But this made me chuckle.


Still under Alpha 8 right now :stuck_out_tongue:

To follow tradition, the title of this topic should be “Post Your Alpha 9 Screenshots Here”, but I’m not complaining. I haven’t messed around with A9 yet, but I’m going to soon!

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It’s not Alpha9 yet, that will come (probably next Tuesday as the official Tuesday update I suspect). At the moment it’s still Alpha8 but the unstable branch happens to have all the features A9 will have :smile:

Don’t be so formal guys :frowning:

when is alpha 9 released? sorry i was blind… didnt see the must be coming next tuesday post

just started the first alph 9 save, the 3rd days goblins came and killed 6 hearthlings T_T

I’v got to say with the introduction with the 64x bit I can actually play with no problems!

Here is my little slice of stone hearth.


I like these storage rooms digged down into the ground! Only add walls and roofs and it will look even more awesome!


Here’s a tip, and what i do, in 2 ways. 1: build a 24x24 building warehouse, u can add a second story if you want. Then before they build it, remove the floor, now mine the ground building another lvl, then mine more as deep as you want, then add floors. that way you have an above ground and undergound storage area, that is multi lvled. on top of then that leaves all the room you need to make you town. :slight_smile: the other idea 2: is just do it underground