Stonehearth Alpha 13 Showcase - Came back after Alpha 8 and I'm shocked!

I have made another showcase for the current alpha build of Stonehearth.
It’s something i have been doing since alpha 8 and i will continue to do from time to time.
The game has come on in leaps and bounds and frankly i have no idea why i have waited so long to get back in. It’s really taking shape and looking amazing at the moment. I feel proud to be an original backer!


Just a heads up, latest version is Alpha 13, not Alpha 11 :smile:.


haha what a tool. Damn my stupid dyslexic brain. Uno momento as i make some sneeky modifications…

its done. will take a min for it to update


@jollins @jomaxro

The moment I saw you drag out that big mine, I was thinking “You’re in for some fun AI bugging.”

It was ok actually. They managed it without any issues. In fact i didnt get any AI bugs at all during the nearly 2 hours of play time

Yeah it runs pretty smooth for the most part, but I still find now and again I think they want to mine the area they can’t reach yet so do… nothing.

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hehe @jollins yeah they’ve definately done a lot since A8. I made a similar jump from A8 to A12!

It’s how i have been favouring it to be honest. I much prefer to go away and come back to a whole bunch of exciting new features as opposed to following it to closely.

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yeah I know how you feel. I tend to do a little of both. Stay closly for a time and get involved the community a little more in depth and then take a break. I’m starting to get an itch for builds and whatnot so i’ll probably be in for another close look stretch XD

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