Alpha 9 is AWESOME!

Ok, I know about all the problems. I’ve had a slew of the problems of Alpha 9.

Still despite all that, the new goblin camps and the multiple trading options, and we have some actual gameplay. I got lucky enough to have a goblin camp setup just down the valley from me (the enemy gate is down, after all). They raided a few times then sent in three waves of armored troops. OK, time for a wall.

Unfortunately the wall ended all their activity

So my only criticism/thought is that there needs to be some way for goblins to assault a wall. Either dig under it, or scratch at a small section of the wall until it finally collapses. Giving you some time to thwart their try.

What I think this will take though is Alpha 10 where building damage and repair can occur. Unfortunately, it might even be further down the road.

But to end on a positive note. The frame work for having adventures in Stonehearth is taking shape - and it looks promising.


As soon as I built a ladder up the outside and inside of the wall, the wave of goblins returned. For awhile at least. Eventually, they all stopped coming, wall or no wall.

sorry, can i just ask… how have you survived with the cant promote shepherd bug, or does it not exist for you guys?

this bug has everybody ^^ but the shepherd is not neccessary at the moment because wool is not a own resoruce - its like silke etc. later when wool is an own resoruce and there are receipts with only wool then it would be a problem :wink:

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i never knew you could survive without wool lol… wish i knew this earlyer, but then i never asked did i :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Silkweed is made into wool, or did you not know that?

Well… I
believe the winter worker upgrade outfits require wool. ;p

ahhhh you have right ^^ i have forget this outfit because i use normally the other (its faster to build and have the same settings xD)

Alpha 9 is indeed fun and I’ve spent a good number of hours with it now. I keep wondering about the possibility of a lumberjack profession but luckily it’s not absolutely necessary right now due to the options of trading. I don’t want to deforest my whole area so if a tree is in the way I lop it down, otherwise I just buy logs and sell excess of my other goods to pay for it and whatever else I buy.

Still, a lumberjack sounds to me like a fun profession to watch work. Not just cutting down trees but also replanting and growing them to maturity.